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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – July 6, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Gary Austin, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Dan Fusco, Bob Chrenc, Pat Stearns, Steve Bast and Scott Carrigan.


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:35


June Minutes were approved.


Treasurer: Bank fraud news – We will get money back from Bank of America but amount still TBD.


Travel: B3/4 60 in cap at 66 - 6 teams, B5/6 53 in, cap at 56 - 4 teams, B7/8 21 signed up = 1 team

    G3/4 46 in cap at 50 – 4 teams, G5/6 38 in cap at 42 – 3 teams, G7/8 21 signed up = 1 team


In-Town:  PW = 33, GK = 49 but Scott needs access, G1/2 33 girls and 47 boys 

    World cup went well – volunteers did an outstanding job.


Registrar:  MA Youth soccer never paid for 2015/2016 – Seth to get #s to MA Youth soccer.  Also, need CORIs and registration to be completed.


NVYSL: New rule for G3/4 in that all players must be on defensive half of field on goal kicks.


Referees: Ref payments not yet made.  Need to book conference room for pre-season meeting


Snack Shack/ Booster:  No report


Equipment: Nets need to be inspected & we need more size 4 balls as well as goal clips.  Some equipment bags still need to be turned in.  We also need more pug nets for PW/GK


Coach Development: No report


New Business


Coach Selection committee: Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, Dave Caouette, Dan Fusco, Tommy Proulx and alternate Bob Stall.  Meeting to be held Wednesday 7/20 at Gary Austin’s house.

Coaches meetings:  Travel Tuesday 8/16 at 7:30 P&R, In-Town Wednesday 8/17 7PM PW/GK, 8PM G1/2 both at P&R

Uniforms – email to parents asking how many would like to switch to the new uniform.  1st year G3/4 required to have new uniform.  Pat Sterns to create spread sheet ie. girls even boys odd for 2016 and assign numbers.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:27.