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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – February 1, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Dan Fusco, Bob Chrenc, Ted Doucette, Cheryl Hollinger, Liz Shocklin, Scott Kerrigan, Tommy Proulx and Ryan Angel.


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:30


January Minutes were approved.


Treasurer: No booster activity, approximately $63k in the park & rec account.  We will soon be billed by P&R for about $17k for fields and $10k admin ($10 per player per season)


Travel:  Boys 3/4 = 4 teams

                  Boys 5/6 = 4 teams

                  Boys 7/8 = 21 registered with 1 team over the limit, currently no coach - will have tryouts

                  Boys HS = 7 registered.  We will look to move to other towns


                  Girls 3/4 = 4 teams – any additional registrations to waiting list

                  Girls 5/6 = 3 teams but light

                  Girls 7/8 = 16 registered, 1 team in rec with no coach yet

                  Girls 9/10 = 1 team – will add 3 players from Harvard

                  Girls 11/12 = No team    


In-Town:  Will need 3 fields lined at St. Anne’s for spring.  U6 = 36 registrations so far with 5 coaches in (had 70 in the fall), U8 = 36 girls and 38 boys.   First weekend is April 1


Registrar:  Seth not present but generally we are looking to move from League Athletics to Sports Manager to have a better tie-in with NVYSL regarding rostering and such.  


NVYSL:  MSYA ID Cards needed for coaches at all levels.  Travel Playoff – Ncup 6/17 top 4 in each group.  Single game elimination with games of regulation length.  At Rec level there will be a mid-season shuffle starting week 5 but evaluations will only include games through week 3.  TenCup will take place in the spring and there will be an invitational tourney for the 5/6 age group.


Referees:  Recruiting is getting harder with the 14 year old rule.


Coach Development:  Ted attended MYSA clinic on 1/28 & 29.  Noted one other Littleton coach.  Program was very good


Booster: Inventory to dispose of, will have items marked down this spring to move older gear.


New Business


World Cup: Field issues – no Alumni OR track.  PW early then parade then older kids?  See if we can get track for WC AM


Coaches Meetings:  Travel 3/14 7PM, In Town 3/15 PW/U6 7PM, U8 8PM.  Both in P&R Meeting room.


Gary Austin announced he will not seek to return as president.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55