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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – March 1, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Dan Fusco, Bob Chrenc, Ted Doucette, Liz Shocklin, Scott Kerrigan, Tommy Proulx, Ryan Angel, Seth Landsman, Steve Bast and Mark Hollinger.


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:30


February Minutes were approved.


Treasurer: No booster activity, approximately $49k in the park & rec account.  Ted presented a rough synopsis of expected Revenue and expenses for the next 6 years.  Assuming no change in registration total or fees we should be a little over break even in 6 years but would need to adjust fees at that time.


Travel:  Boys 3/4 = 44 for 4 teams – 1 coach needed

                  Boys 5/6 = 53 = 4 teams

                  Boys 7/8 = 21 registered with 1 team over the limit, will have tryouts 3/12

                  Boys HS = 7 registered.  Looking to move to Groton Dunstable G9/10 team


                  Girls 3/4 = 45 = 4 teams – any additional registrations to waiting list

                  Girls 5/6 = 39 = 3 teams but light

                  Girls 7/8 = 17 = 1 team in rec

                  Girls 9/10 = 1 team of 18

                  Girls 11/12 = No team    


In-Town:  PW= 62 registrations so far with may go to 12 teams of 6 with more registrations, U6 = 53. 8 teams?  U8 = 45 girls (4 teams) and 57 boys (6 teams) Caps at 48 and 72 respectively.  Still need 1 boys head coach.  St Anne’s not needed


Registrar:  461 registered so far.  In-town late fees starting March 1.  If we are moving out of P&R move to Sports Leagues vs League Athletics makes sense – better tie in with NVYSL.


NVYSL:  All good


Referees:  Certifications are a little light.  No town pre-season meeting scheduled at this time.


Fields:  Meetings 3/14 & 3/15.  No track for spring games.  3 Nights practices will be cancelled due to track meets.


Equipment:  Shirts have been ordered.  Travel needs to know how to get uniforms.  3/26 equip day at shed.


Booster: To have table at RS for in-town.  Conduct a raffle through the website? Parent night out at a local eatery?


New Business


Coaches Meetings:  Travel 3/14 7PM, In Town 3/15 PW/U6 7PM, U8 8PM.  Both in P&R Meeting room.

Pictures: May 6

Cori’s:  Still need some coaches names

Rev’s Night: Ted looking to set a date.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:50