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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – September 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Bob Chrenc, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Brad Laing, Ryan Angel, Pat Stearns, Dan Fusco, Steven Bast, Ted Doucette, Seth Landsman and Mark Hollinger.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:31


August Minutes (as updated) were approved.


Action Items from August still in progress:  

Patches have been ordered for tournaments

Fall Calendar is on website – Pat to review

9 scholarships have been issued this season

Mark will take care of MYSA player/coach data and we need to update the MYSA contact form

Ted will review ease of website navigation for coaches to find resources, enroll in courses, etc

4 coaches pledges still missing – David is hunting them down


Priority Business:


Treasurer:  Ted had handouts detailing revenues and expenditures as well as projections through 2023.  Overall he is projecting LYSC to about break even next year and start running deficits in the 2018-2019 season.  We still have over $49k at P&R, although this will drop dramatically over the next few months.  Over the winter we will assess our situation and see whether we need to raise fees anytime soon.


Travel:  Total registrations are 228 (down from 244 in the fall of 2016).  Some coaches still need pass cards.  BU10 is still taking late registrants to fill up teams.


In-Town:  Pee Wee = 49 registered (down from 63 last fall, especially large drop in girls registering) 6 or 7 on a team.  More coaches are needed to help with the academy. 

GrK = 70 registered 10 teams but we are down from 76 in the fall of 2016. 

    Gr1/2 = 47 girls and 55 boys.  A large drop in the boys number (74 boys fall 2016 while the girls had 54 last fall).  


Registrar:  Total registration count this fall is 449, down from 511 fall of 2016.


Soccer Development:  Ted, Chris and Kate are working on a curriculum for each age group.  To be discussed as it progresses.  Also, Littleton night at the Revs is Sept 23.


Referees:  We now have 37 refs including 9 newly certified.  Pat to contact other towns about absorbing our excess.


Equipment:  Should be all set


NVYSL:  No towns signing up for MTOC 1.  Mark reports that while the competition committee needs to be firm they could use some help.


Fields:  Koerper still needs blue lines.  Tommy to confirm with PRCE start and stop time for field use.


Snack Shack: Shack is ready, Cheryl will buy supplies prior to first game.  About $600 profit from 2nd half of spring season





Discussion around the drop in numbers and what can we do about it.  The town is growing so why are our numbers dropping.  Especially acute at the PeeWee level.  Everyone seemed pretty stumped. 


Action Items


Tommy:  Follow up with P&R re exact times for field usage


Pat:    Review Fall Calendar


Mark:      Kid and coach data to MYSA


Ted:     Update website to help coaches find courses and how they work, other resources, etc.

    Review items noted in handouts to correct formulas

    Get out info about Littleton night at the Revolution game on Sept 23.


Dave:    Coaches’ pledges and passcards


Meeting adjourned at 9:20