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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – October 4, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Bobby Chrenc, Ted Doucette, David Caouette, Brad Laing, Dan Fusco, Seth Landsman, Kate Grant, and Mark Hollinger.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:35pm


September Minutes were approved.


Action Items from September still in progress

  1. MYSA player/coach data (Mark/Tom) – Still needs to be done.
  2. Review ease of website navigation for coaches to find resources, enroll in courses, etc (Ted) – Done. Need to look at coaches tab and notify coaches about it and framework.
  3. 4 Coaches pledges missing (David) – All set.
  4. Follow up with P&R for Fall field usage/dates (Tom) – Verbal, will send email officially
  5. Review items of note in financial handouts at Sept. meeting (Ted) – Not done.


Priority Business:


  1. Soccer night at Revs – update on event – 108 people. Game @ 5pm might have prevented more going
  2. Communication improvement – Tommy noted that we seem to have many breakdowns in communication which are made worse by the normal P&R delays that invariably happen. Would like to stress that we make our communication responses a higher priority and attempt to be as quick as possible so as not to add any more delay that forces outside our control.
  • Bobby suggest using a google doc for our internal processes
  • Another suggestion was to have a clear standard operating procedure that lists specific owners on each workflow (reimbursement, assigning, etc)
  • Action item: Tom to put together a workflow/chart together


  1. P&R Separation – Tommy will be attending a meeting on 10/11/17 with P&R and other youth sports organizations to discuss and understand P&R’s plan for the separation of youth sports from P&R.
  • Seth asks when will we separate as we are opening registrations for the spring shortly.
  • Ted suggests April 1st to have all our ducks in a row, with milestones set for each item along the way.
  • Bobby has been researching for a new website. NVYSL has dragged their feet in deciding on a website themselves, we shouldn’t/can’t wait for them to decide.
  • Seth is not thrilled with moving websites in two hops.
  • Bobby is looking at Dick’s site (free). Kate asks if data is secure or can be used by Dick’s?
  • Ted suggests an action item to itemize the features/functionality that we require
  • Action Item: Seth to enumerate the registration feature set for next meeting.
  • Point of information - Kate has experience with Sports Engine


  1. Youth Sports Council – Tommy discussed the planned creation of a Park and Rec created council that meets once a month or so that would collaborate/discuss issues related to youth sports in the town. Desire that there is more force in numbers if we collaborated on issues related to running youth sports.
  2. Grant submissions - Tim at P&R is a wiz at grant submissions. He says that there is all sorts of grant money out there, you just need to know how to apply for it in the correct manner. Tommy will start to work with him to understand the process etc.
  3. Social Media Director (initial discussion)
  • Tommy has identified a need  and would like to add a social media director that would be responsible for various public facing social media outlets including the look & feel and content on our website.
  • Ted suggests talking with Deb Laflamme as that’s what she does for a living. Tommy will discuss this with her to get her thoughts on what/who we should look for and what requirements we should be looking to do.


  1. Strategic Planning Committee (initial discussion) – Tommy would like to form a committee to explore short term and long term goals, to assess the state of our organization, the wishes of our constituency, items such as branding and marketing should also be evaluated.  He would like folks to start thinking about this and he will look to discuss this at upcoming meetings with the goal of establishing this committee in the winter offseason and have it run for months if not over a year.
  2. Koerper Field Quality (initial discussion) – Ted brought up his unhappiness with the quality of the grass/field quality at Koerper. He feels that the ground is too compact and hard. He has spoken with Chris Stoddard at Highway. They used Diamond Athletic Turf for the work that was done at LHS fields this summer. He received figures of $5000 est for a deep tine aeration & top dress. $200 est for slice seeding.


Status: (limited to Issues and Items of Note)


  1. Treasurer Report - Ted suggests considering advertising for a volunteer to be the treasurer that has experience – especially with the switch out of P&R.
  • Bobby has an accountant that does taxes. Not sure that helps as taxes isn’t the issue, we have superhero Bob.
  • Registrar
  • Plan to open registration in about a week and a half. Should be fine.
  • Seth to send a list to age coordinators regarding waitlist registrations in order to clear them out.
  • Travel
    1. Mid-season adjustment recommendations
      - David went through list of teams and movement suggestions that we’ve communicated to the league.
    2. NVYSL scheduling of St. Anne’s field for C & D teams
      - Tommy communicated our displeasure to the league in the scheduling of our C & D teams to the St. Anne’s fields
  • In-town
    1. U8 (Gr1/2) – nothing of note
    2. U6 (GrK) Academy – nothing of note
    3. PeeWee Academy – nothing of note
  • NVYSL – Tommy to attend NVYSL meeting on the Sunday 10/15/17.
  • Referees – nothing to note
  • Soccer Development – nothing to note
  • Fields – nothing to note
  • Equipment – new hooks for goals are really terrible especially on hard packed grass/dirt.
  • Snack Shack – Have reviewed status of exterior of the shack with Gene Corby. He will volunteer his services to fix. We are responsible for the cost of the material. Tom and Bobby will work with him on this.
  • Boosters/Merchandise
  • Suggestion of adding car magnets for sale.
  • Need to send out email about the popup webstore





  • Might be nice to have different patches each year.
  • Other teams also do sportsmanship medal for one player on the other team.


Revisit 3rd/4th grade in winter offseason.



Action Items


To be listed from above notes…


Meeting adjourned ~ 9:45pm