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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – November 1, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Pat Stearns, Brad Laing, Seth Landsman, Steven Bast, Ted Doucette, Bobby Chrenc, Ted Doucette, and Mark Hollinger.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:36pm


October Minutes with corrections were approved.


Action Items from October: 

  1. MYSA player/coach data & MYSA contact form (Mark/Tom) – Not done. Tommy to do ASAP
  2. Review items of note in financial handouts at Sept. meeting (Ted) – Not done. Update at next meeting
  3. Communication improvement: Put together an assignment workflow/chart (Tommy) – not done
  4. Website search: Enumerate the registration feature set requirements (Seth) - some progress, not quite done.
  5. Social Media Director: Talk to Deb Laflamme for thoughts/requirements (Tommy)
    1. Spoke to Deb, had great conversations.
    2. Asked her if she would be interested in being the director. Sure. But doesn’t want to be responsible for generating content.
      • Suggested to ask her to define her role, goals, and dependancies
      • Create Policy for publicity
      • Use high school teams
      • Better communication
      • Increase registration


Priority Business:



  • Action Item: Bobby to get Sage contracts
  • Action Item: Seth to setup spring registration (ready to go, waiting for Tommy’s thumbs up)
  • Jan 15 Late Fee
  • Mar 1 Closing
  • Do we want to change due to NVYSL deadline changes?


2.Goal safety concerns

  • NBC Boston report
  • Action Item: Tommy to send link to story.


3.Communication complaint

  • Received complaint regarding communication to 2017 registrants regarding town meeting article.
  • In future, will remove email address of people on “do not email non-operational messages” in future communication of this nature.


4.P&R Separation Meeting

  • They are still finalizing things, but are looking at a window of 12 months to allow organizations time to make the necessary arrangements to go out on their own. They will allow orgs, to separate piece by piece of services and doesn’t have to be all at once.
  • The normal process for determining field maintenance and administration costs will go through the end of the town’s fiscal year which will be June 30th, 2018. New pricing structure (to be finalized) will take effect for the following seasons.
  • It was suggested to ask Bob about adjusting our fiscal year after separation form P&R.


5.Strategic Planning Committee (continued discussion)

  • No action on this yet.


6.P&R Brochure

  • Tom handed out P&R season brochure as it goes to all residence in town.
  • We should consider putting registration information in the brochure.


7.LHS Boosters program ad

  • Tom handed out Littleton Football programs to show everyone our ad


8.NVYSL Report

  • Notes from 10/15 NVYSL league meeting
  • Tommy Geis from MYSA talked about Director of Soccer Development program
  • Increase referee pay for Gr34 center ref from $20 to $25 in 2018
  • AR fee is 60% of CR fee – Gr34 AR fee would change from $12 to $15
  • Also suggests that NVYSL pay for Gr34 CR referees – no decision made
  • Also suggests combat pay for referees that end up working with a short crew or no crew. Propose 150% fee – no decision made
  • Andre wants to press NVYSL deadlines to be as late as possible
  • Scheduling process will continue to improve. Biggest problem is with field information being accurate for each town, etc.
  • Ten Cup is not going to happen this Fall unless someone steps up.
  • Maria – Nashoba Valley Invitational for Gr56 and Gr78 rec teams – need a field site


Status: (limited to Issues and Items of Note)


1.Treasurer Report

  • Action Item: Ted to get $ amount in P&R


i.Len Bennett Chill Tournament for Rec level teams

-        Found a site some of our Gr56 teams qualified.


  • Checks sent to Fall referees
  • Overpaid some kids, will recoup in future payments
  • Soccer stuff

i.Got kit cost – amount we currently reimburse is relevant

ii.Setting up a Littleton Referee Soccer Kit @ Soccer Stuff for 20% discount

  • Action item: Email referees about recertification courses

4.Soccer Development

  • Email info on grassroots


i.Use of alumni field

-   Only use if offered free for now.


  • Action item: Tear down nets for winter and move goals to fences and fasten

a.Snack Shack

  • Thanks Pat for covering for Cheryl.
  • About $700 net so far this Fall. On track for over $1000 at end of season


  • Web store $176


Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm