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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – December 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Bob Chrenc, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Brad Laing, Pat Stearns, Dan Fusco, Ted Doucette, Seth Landsman Cheryl and Mark Hollinger.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:34


November Minutes (as updated) were approved.


Action Items from November still in progress

  1. Review items of note in Financial handouts from Sept meeting, update and present in January (Ted)
  2. Communication improvement – assignment/workflow chart (Tommy)
  3. Website search – Seth working on, will update progress in Jan (hopefully down to a couple of options).  One priority is not to have the information sold.  For now NVYSL is staying with their current platform
  4. Social Media Director – Tommy to talk with Deb LaFlamme
  5. Determine dollar amount in P&R account (Ted)
  6. Email Refs on Recert courses (Pat)
  1. Remove Nets and move goals to fences and fasten (Steven/Tommy)


Priority Business:


Treasurer:  Ted reported there is approximately $41,000 still in the P&R account.  However, MYSA and Field fees are expected to be approximately $8K and $10K respectively.  Regarding LYSC accounts we will keep two.  We will combine the Booster and Field accounts into one and keep a running notation on how much each “bucket” holds.  The checking account will be the operational account for registrations and bills.  Currently there is $4,760 in the operating account and $19,407 in the savings account (Booster = $15,842; Fields = $3,565).  Cheryl had $1,105 cash to add to the booster account from the fall snack shack activities.


Credit Card Update:  Bobby reported that the process has been set up and test “registrations” went through and amounts were deposited in the bank.


Registration:  Total registration count so far is 63.  Closing dates and caps to be decided at January Meeting.


NVYSL: Mark gave a presentation on the different options NVYSL is considering for the Spring placement of MTOC teams and how the whole process will work for selecting teams to represent NVYSL.  Basically we can now go to a one group format with the top two teams advancing to the MTOC as D1 and D2 reps (similar to the process NVYSL used years ago).  General consensus of the board was for a one group option with top teams advancing to MTOC after playoffs.

Also discussed was changing how we designate teams.  Should we move away from A, B, etc to Gold, Blue, Red, etc?  To be discussed further in January


Equipment:  Issues regarding securing nets when not is use (eg Chain to fence?) To be discussed in January.


January Meeting items:  Finances; Registration and team count updates; Ref Recertifications; Anchoring Goals; Team Designation for NVYSL; Website update report; Ways to add to recruitment at lower age levels.



Meeting adjourned at 8:57