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Littleton Youth Soccer Club February 12, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Pat Stearns, Seth Landsman, Deb Laflamme, Kate Grant, Mark Hollinger, Steven Bast, Ryan Angel, Ted Doucette, Dan Fusco, Bobby Chrenc, David Caouette, Brad Laing, Liz Schocklin.

Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:32
January Minutes were postponed for approval until the March meeting due to not having printed copies available.
Action Items from January:

  1. Reviewed items of note in Financial handouts from Sept meeting with updates (Ted)

  2. Tommy gave an account of the selectman’s meeting with regard to Cricket Lane parcel. Many in attendance from

    LYSC. Thank you. Unfortunately it looks like the selectmen will not use town’s right to purchase.

  3. Ted presented his investigation into performance tech from the same vendor that does out cotton shirts. Cost will

    be $2 additional per shirt. In addition, vendor can do a light weight cotton for same price as heavy weight cotton.

Priority Business:

In-town jersey decision

  • -  Decision was for PeeWee and U6 to switch to light weight cotton for spring season

  • -  Decision was for U8 to switch to basic performance tech for spring season as trial.

    High School Girls travel team Discussion around whether to have a roster limit of 18 or 22 for the team.

  • -  Hard to get playing time

  • -  MTOC team trying to win will affect ability to qualify (pat)

  • -  Not sure limit will be 18 for NCUP (mark)

  • -  Possibility to offer 4 players to another town (tommy

  • -  Concern that top players will not comeback

  • -  Ability to bring on players if any of the 18 drops out due to injury or otherwise Decision was to limit roster size to 18 (vote 9-2)
    Tryouts set for 3/11 4-5pm at Teamworks
    Kate Grant and Matt Davis to be evaluators


    Pee-Wee 41, not yet hit reminder emails
    43, transitional kids want to stay that is fine
    30 Girls, 34 Boys, about 3 however are transitional and will be moved to U6


    Boys Gr34 50, 5 teams, change cap to 55 Boys Gr56 35, 3 teams
    Boys Gr78
    17, 1 team
    Girls Gr34
    36, 3 or 4 teams

    Girls Gr56 34, 3 teams
    Girls Gr78
    17, 1 team
    Coaches Meeting to be scheduled for:

    3/20 7:30pm Travel teams 3/22 7:00pm PeeWee and U6

    8:00pm U8
    World Cup: Brad is all over this. Nuf said...

Preliminary Spring Calendar: Tommy to update first week of in-town to be 4/7 just in case fields are ready, if not we’ll push it back to 4/14. Will discuss dates for tryouts at March meeting.

Treasurer: Ted reported ~33K in the P&R account, 10K field bill for 2016-2017 + 9K P&R Fee that need to be paid. Income account: 600.00, Operating: 27K, Booster: 20.5K.

NVYSL: No meeting since last Littleton board meeting. Continued discussion regarding our thoughts on how flights get setup. Sensitive to gamesmanship and sandbagging. Littleton would suggest #1 All MTOC teams come out of 1 MTOC flight. #2 How to choose the two teams: Top 4 play for MTOC 1 seed, Next 4 play for MTOC 2 seed.

SAGE PCI compliance: TLS 1.0 is disabled by LeagueAthletics so we are good. Bobby receive an image to put on our site if we want to include it.

Tax Returns: Bob to register us with the State, we somehow never did that. We need to track our scholarships, donations, refunds.

MYSA: Tommy to work on preseason MYSA player/coach registration. Any MYSA assistance requests that we have for them, they are asking? One suggestion - maybe ask for tryout evaluators?

Meeting adjourned at 9:36pm