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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – March 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Bob Chrenc, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Brad Laing, Pat Stearns, Dan Fusco, Ted Doucette, Seth Landsman, Steve Bast. Kate Grant, Liz Shocklin, Chris Marrese, Cheryl and Mark Hollinger.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:30


February Minutes (as updated) were approved.


Action Items from February

  1. Preliminary Spring Calendar
  2. Coaches Meeting 3/20 for Travel; 3/22 In-Town
  3. Travel starts April 14


Priority Business:


Calendar for Spring team notification:  Travel teams to be up by meeting.  In-town for 3/22 ASAP by 3/25


In-Town:         PeeWee – 62 registered with 10 teams (8 shirts per team) and 16 coaches

                        U6 – 64 registered with 10 teams (8 shirts per team)          

                        U8 – 38 girls – 4 teams of 10; 40 boys – 4 teams of 11 (keep open)

            Overall – shirts with new logo.  For Refs please start game with coin toss.


Travel:  Girls   G3/4 – 36 registered for 3 teams

                        G5/6 – 36 registered for 3 teams

                        G7/8 – 18 registered for 1 team

                        HS – 20 registered for 1 team.  Will carry all 20 but 2 will be notified that they will not be eligible for MTOC tournament.  Given weekly absences at this level the last two girls should be able to play virtually any week they are available.  If injuries, etc occur they can (at the coaches’ discretion) be added to the playoff roster.  They will NOT be charged a fee.


                        B3/4 – 50 registered.  Issue is 4 teams or 5.  Voted 7-4 with 2 abstentions that we will only have 4 teams for the spring instead of 5.  Voted 9-2-2 that the “A” team will have 13 players as will the “D” team.

                        B4/5 – 35 registered for 3 teams.  Currently B team needs a coach

                        B7/8 – 1 team – currently needing a coach


Re-open discussion on naming of teams – Voted to keep last vote intact 11-2


Proposal to split G3/4 back to the way it used to be done which was basically by grade.  This was a lengthy discussion (see handout attached).  Basically the proposal was to go back to the way G3/4 had been formed in the past which was basically the A team being G4, the B team being G3, C team G4 etc.  Of course due to numbers at some point there will be a mixed team(s).  Goal is to use the assessment to place classmates.  Pros and Cons were discussed –basically going around the table with each person present having a moment to make their views known.  Briefly: Pros – playing with your friends, getting a chance to “advance” year to year, consistent coaching track with less movement, plenty of time to mix grades when they move up, this level is non-competitive so keep the focus on development and fun.  Cons – holding back the stronger younger players, greater disparity in talent on the team leading to slower development of all players, greater coaching challenge with greater skill variation.  Also discussed was if this was approved how tightly do we tie the hands of the travel coordinator.  By a vote of 8-3-1 it was decided to create the “A” and “B” teams for the fall of 2018 by grade.  Basically the A team is G4, the B team is G3.  If there are enough kids the C team would be G4.  Once the A & B teams are formed the travel coordinator will use his/her discretion in forming the remaining teams with priorities placed on playing with classmates and not leaving one or two kids in one class on a team where everyone else is in the other class (if at all possible).


Tabled Due to time: Updated Spring Calendar and Turf use discussion


Remaining Status Reports:


Treasurer’s Report: Ted updated from February $309 in the income account, $32,428 in the Operating Account.  Booster account unchanged.  Town account still has $13,800 which we will spend down first.  Question came up about order for new shirts and bidding process if we go through the town account.  Decided to spend that through our operating account. 


Referees:  Pat noted 34 are certified.  Gained 2 and lost 2.  Looking at April 9 or 10 for meeting.


NVYSL Update – for this spring there will be one large MTOC group for G5/6 and G7/8 followed by rec levels


Director of soccer development – Ted discussed the need for coaches to be “as one” in using positional names and having kick-off strategies sot the kids get more uniformity from group to group.


Picture Day – Bobby is shooting for May 5


CORIs: - Most coaches are all set – a few need to be tracked down.


 Action Items:

Will P&R still be assessing a $5 charge for the fall registrations

Everyone set for the season?


April Meeting items:  Goal Safety Policy, Drone Policy, St. Anne’s condition


Future Meeting – Using Advertising to raise funds



Meeting adjourned at 10:10