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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – April 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Seth Landsman, Cheryl Hollinger, Mark Hollinger, Ryan Angel, Ted Doucette, Dan Fusco, Pat Stearns, Bobby Chrenc, David Caouette, Liz Shocklin, Deb Laflamme.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:38


March Minutes were approved.


Action Items from March

  1. Will PRCE be charging a $5 per player for Fall season?
    Yes, just for the Fall season. It will be charged to us at the end of the fiscal year.


Priority Business:


Field fertilization schedule: Fertilizing on Friday before first Saturday games. Also have a Saturday fertilization scheduled. Tommy has notified Highway and PRCE that fields closed on a Saturday is terrible for soccer. Will need to follow up to make sure that gets changed. Friday/Saturday of Memorial day is way better.


Field Status:  Koerper will be lined first, probably won’t have lines on Whitcomb for first week of games, will use cones.


CORI’s: All but one done.


In-Town:         PeeWee – 68 registered (10 teams, 2 w/ 6 players, all but 1 without an assistant coach)

                        U6 – 62 (10 teams, started yesterday, only 2 teams without an assistant coach)

                        U8 – 39 girls; 41 boys – 4 teams of each, all have at least 2 coaches)

                        Shirts are in!

                        Suggestion to do merchandise table for in-town on 1 or 2 Saturdays


Travel:             Gr3/4 – Week 2 – 1 team needs board member to coach

Boys 50, Girls 36

                        Gr5/6 – Found a player and a coach!

Boys 36, Girls 37

                        Gr7/8 – Have coaches for both.

Boys 18, Girls 17

                        HS – Thought: Can we schedule a night game @ Alumni 7:30pm. Pat: maybe the TBA game?

Tommy to reach out to Mike Lynn to inquire about feasibility and cost first.


LeagueAthletics annual fee: Tommy to investigate benefits/cost to switch from Sage to easyMerchantPlus in order to avoid $250 surcharge.


Snack Shack: Will be ready for Saturday. Pat + Tommy to cover it while they are away.




  • Picture Day, May 5th
  • Tryouts, week leading into memorial day, exact days for each division to be determined
  • World Cup, June 16th
  • Fall Registration – to be determined


Remaining Status Reports:


Treasurer’s Report: Ted updated: $30K in the Operating Account.  $20,400 Booster Account.  PRCE is somewhere less than < $13,800  due to BSN equipment purchase and $240 to TeamWorks Acton. Ted suggests we need to meet to analyze if we need to increase registration fees.


Referees:  Pat held 2 meetings, 75% attendance. This weekends games all booked. Too many refs. Hard to get the games. Would like to do ref payments in house and not through PRCE. Board in agreement.


NVYSL Update: Bobby reported: They discussed the color naming. Other towns want to do it also.They gave guidance on how to do that in their process. MYSA was there talking about their NV town Select team. David worries that it is a stepping stone to club and he worries that players will leave LYSC. Deb asks if they are asking Littleton to host? Ted to discuss with Maureen from MYSA.


Director of soccer development – Ted discussed meeting that he attended that discussed how DSD will interact? Framework for responsibility. Ted to run a roundtable. They are pushing Play-Practice-Play


Fields: Liz to take over communication to travel coaches regarding field status/closures/etc. Concerned about LMS Baseball conflict on weeknights. Tommy thinks it should be a problem as they start at 3:30 and should be done by 5:30/6:00pm. LMS has priority, we will need to wait until they finish to get on fields.


Other business:  Need to plan for Annual meeting, modify constitution. Mass youth soccer bill- mark to generate. NEPPA large meeting room – almost lost it due to rogue card that wasn’t out fault. Mark to send out emergency medical forms to all teams.


Future Meeting – goal safety committee, St. Anne’s field condition.



Meeting adjourned at ~9:40