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November 2018 Meeting Minutes


Board members present: Tommy, Pat, Nathalie, Seth, David, Ted, Bobby Bob K, Dan, Liz, Mark

Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:33pm

  1. Minutes from previous meeting
    • no action taken as October minutes were not available yet.
  2. Action items from October
    • None discussed
  3. Priority Business:
    1. Registration
    2. Sage discussed. We have not cancelled. Confirmed that we are being charged $7.50 a month. Bobby to cancel or instruct Tom on steps to cancel.
    3. Seth to setup registrations by Saturday morning 7/17 for review over that weekend and posted on Monday 7/19. Early bird before 1/1/19 and late fees to be similar to last year’s timing.
    4. Indoor facility usage
    5. Used Teamworks for PeeWee and U6 successful. Investigating possible usage as backup rain option for late Spring and Early Fall (when they have low usage periods). Looking to plan an end of fall season annual occurance for PeeWee and U6.
    6. Used MillWorks for Gr34 and one Gr56 makeups. Worked well for Gr34, too small for Gr56. Investigating possible pre-season clinics for U8 and travel teams leading into spring season. Will require registration and need to determine instructors, etc.
  4. Status:

Please limit update to Issues and Items of Note only.

  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Operating 27K, Booster 20K, Incoming 2,650, P&R ~4,600 (*not able to able to officially confirm from P&R)
  3. Registrar
  4.  N/A
  5. Travel
    1. Len Bennett Chill Tournament for Rec level teams
    2. Boys - 56B, 56C, 56D
    3. Girls – none this year
    4. End of season retrospective
    5. 19 teams total. 11 teams played 8 games, 3 teams played 6 games, 5 teams played 7 games.
    6. Grade 34 split – good
    7. TSL – G34A played twice against them. No adverse effect on registration numbers noticed.
  6. In-town
    1. U8 (Gr1/2)
      1. End of season retrospective
      2. Season went well. Only missed 1 set of games this season.
    2. U6 (GrK) Academy
      1. End of season retrospective
      2. N/A as Jeff was absent
    3. PeeWee Academy
      1. End of season retrospective
      2. Season went well.
      3. BEST curriculum needs to be re-written. It's set as a 6-week season while we have 8 weeks... 10v10 needs to be taken down to 3v3, talks about human targets, etc. Not for this age. Need to set a deadline for BEST to rewrite it in the off season.
  7. Referees
    • Will send out referee recert course list.
    • Will finalize the second half of the season payment once last games finish.
    • Note: confirm address/payment for Anna Bradshaw
  8. Soccer Development
    • MYSA annual workshop
    • Assisting with DSD job description definition
    • Goal safety handout
  9. Fields
    • Koerper to go offline in spring
    • Tommy to reach out to Highway to confrm plans
  10. Equipment
    • Nets, corner flags – Tommy and daughter Amy took down nets at Whitcomb, LMS, and St. Anne’s. Left Koerper intact until last games played this Saturday.
    • David to talk to Kate bout equipment needs, bag returns, etc.
  11. Snack Shack
  12. Boosters/Merchandise
    • Nathalie to work with Deb on some merchandise in time for the holidays
  1. Other Business:


Meeting adjourned 8:56pm