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December 2018 Meeting Minutes


Board members present: Tommy, Brad, Pat, David, Nathalie, Dan, Kate, Deb, Ted

Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:34pm

  1. November Minutes
    • No action taken as we did not have a quorem of voting board members
  2. Action items from November
    1. Sage cancellation (Bobby, Tommy)
      • Not done, still need to do this. Costing us $7 a month.
    2. Spring 2019 registration setup/review (Seth, Tommy, others)
      • Done and posted
    3. Confirm Koerper plans with highway (Tommy)
      • Not done, Tommy will follow up with Chris Stoddard
    4. David to talk to Kate about equipment needs, bags (David)
      • Coaches will keep bags till spring.
      • Kate will email coaches in spring to reload
  3. Priority Business:
    1. Treasurer
      • Income 2.6K, Operating 33.3K, Booster 22.7K, have not heard back from P&R but there should be about 4K in it.
      • Needs to work on Fiscal year tax filing and annual report
      • Tommy to drop off to Bob $ from laces, merchandise, snack shack, also needs reimbursement for laces purchase and traffic cones for Koerper.
    2. Referees
      • Checks to referees went out on Monday
      • Will send out certification class email reminder to all referees
      • Looking for 2 to 3 new referees for the spring
      • Also hooking up referees for work at Millworks and Teamworks.
    3. Registrar
      • n/a
    4. Boosters/Merchandise
      • Nathalie working Soccer Stuff for online sales for holiday orders (consulting with Deb and Tommy)
  4. Status:   (Limited to Issues and Items of Note only from the various areas.)
    1. Travel
      • Nothing
    2. In-Town
      • U8 – nothing
      • U6 – 2 U6 teams indoor @ teamworks
      • PeeWee - nothing
    3. Soccer Development
      • One more coach certified
      • 1/26 MYSA Conference
    4. Fields
    5. Equipment
      • Kate will zip tie goals to fences or together for the winter.
    6. Snack Shack
      • Waterpipe/meter burst
    7. NVYSL
      • No recent meetings held
      • Tommy concerned about league solvency due to small number of board members being overworked.
  5. Other Business:
    • None


Meeting adjourned 8:38pm