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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – February 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Bob Stall, Brad Laing, Pat Stearns, Dan Fusco, Nathlie Daniels, Bobby Chrenc, Kate Grant, Jeff Raltz and Chris Marresse.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:33


The January minutes were approved after a correction regarding closing Koerper which is scheduled for April 19 not the 20th as recorded.


Action Items from January

  1. Sage has been cancelled.
  2. Confirm Koerper plans with highway and Diamond Athletic.  Cost to plug, seed and aerate Koerper will be $7,300.


Priority Business

  1. In-Town Registration: PeeWee = 48, U6 = 37, U8 = 41 Boys and 33 Girls
  2. Travel: Note all travel games at HS.  Gr3/4 Boys = 41 & 4 teams, Girls = 39 also 4 teams; Gr5/6 = 40 boys and 3 teams, Girls = 41 also 3 teams; Gr7/8 Boys = 20 & 1 team, Girls = 34 so two teams; HS Girls = 9.  Will look to see if we can get enough girls for a HS team and other towns may be contacted.  Tryouts for Girls Gr7/8 see Action Items.
  3. Spring Calendar Review: Season starts April 6.
    1.  Coaches meetings to be held sometime between March 19 and 21.  For In-town PW & U6 at 7PM with U8 at 8PM.  Need input from Dave on which dates work best for him.  Multi-purpose room?
    2. Picture Day – May 11, same day as town meeting.  Bobby to verify
    3. World Cup – June 15.  Need speed gun
    4. Fall 2019/Spring 2020 tryouts – May 20-23 inclusive with older kids June 10-14
  4. Coaching Policy – Ted.  Will remain the same.  See below under Development re Coach education
  5. U10 at the Revs – Ted & Kate will coordinate.  April 20.  Tix are $29 each.  Need 30 tickets per team to play on the field.  They will get more info on how that works.  Look to combine teams to get the numbers


Status Items:

  1. Treasurer (send in by Bob K) Operating acct at $65.1k, Booster acct at $22.7k and Operating at $2.6k We have brought in $30k in registrations since Dec 1. 
  2. Soccer Development.  Ted is working on a state committee to define the role of the Director of Soccer Development.  Regarding coaching education Ted presented two motions regarding the training and cost re-imbursements.  Both motions were unanimously accepted after the second motion was clarified to state in part that a head coach “will receive one complimentary registration for a season following selection to a head coach position”.  Ted will correct and submit to be placed on the website.  As in the past, coaching training and license is not required to coach but is a factor to be considered when the coach selection committee makes their coaching decisions.
  3. Revs day for Littleton is September 29 (their final regular season game)
  4. Equipment:  Kate to inventory over February break.  Looking into options for new sandbags w/ Pat
  5. Snack Shack – we need to explore options for the other fields
  6. Referees – Pay is increasing for the spring to keep pace with competing leagues.  The Ref Meeting will be the week of March 18, Pat to book the room.  Recert reminders have been sent.  Pat looking for an assistant and Joe Rock has expressed an interest.
  7. Boosters – We still have a credit at Soccer Stuff


Other Business


  1. Town select seeking a field for Sunday May 19.  Given our field crunch this spring and that the only fields we would have for them are the HS fields where there is concern about usage we just don’t think we can accommodate them this spring.
  2. Strategic Planning Committee: Tommy and Ted to head up
  3. New SORI form is coming.  It is a national data base with fingerprints.  Will be in addition to CORI and will cost about $50 per coach.


Action Items:  Travel – Tryouts for Girls Gr7/8 Teams – Dave, Tommy, Pat, Chris possible Bill Naylor

                        Finalize times/places for Coaches meetings – Dave and Brad

                        Finalize time/place for Referee meeting - Pat

                        Finalize date for Picture Day – Bobby

                        U10 at the Revs – more info and coordination – Ted and Kate



Meeting adjourned at 9:08