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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – March 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Bob Stall, Brad Laing, Pat Stearns, Dan Fusco, Bobby Chrenc, Jeff Raltz and Dave Caouette, Seth Landsman and Liz Shocklin.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:34


The February minutes were approved after a correction regarding closing all fields which is scheduled for April 19.


Action Items from February

  1. Tryouts for Girls 7/8 teams – scheduled for March 11 at Millworks.  Kate, Pat and Chris M to assess
  2. U10 at Revs – there will be 2 teams of 10.  Ted & Kate coordinating


Priority Business

  1. In-Town Registration: PeeWee = 62.  10 Head coaches and registration capped at 80

U6 = 47.There will be 8 teams and currently there are 4 head coaches and 4 willing to assist

U8 Boys = 45 cap at 48.Girls = 35 cap at 40.Plenty of coaches for both

  1. Travel: Gr3/4 G = 42 with teams of 11, 10, 11, 10.  Boys = 41 the 4th team will carry 11

Gr5/6 G = 42, teams of 13/14/15B = 40 Teams of 13/14/13 with top team in the combined D1/2

Gr7/8 G= 34 with two teams and boys have 20 for one team in D2

HS = 9 girls we need more or need to combine with another town

  1. In-town Jerseys – Bobby needs numbers, colors and sizes to order by March 15.
  2. Reminder – Coaches meetings at Fire Station. Travel Wed Mar 20 at 7:30, in-town Thur Mar 21 with PW/U6 at 7 and U8 at 8
  3. Team notification date for Travel will be Friday March 15
  4. Spring Calendar will be posted on the website
  5. Field Update: Lacrosse to get track and football field.  We get one HS field, St Anne and Whitcomb.  Lacrosse is concerned that there are 14 night lacrosse games scheduled on the turf field and there will be a meeting to see about possible solutions.  Also the town is looking to insert a $20k line item into the budget for field maintenance to reduce cost to P&R and youth sports.
  6. Referee meetings Mar 26/27 at Police Station.  NVYSL has raised the pay for games to come more in line with other leagues in the area as we had trouble finding refs at our current pay scale.  It was proposed and unanimously accepted to raise the pay for the in-town games to $13 per game to keep pace with the higher pay scale.
  7. Picture Day is all set for May 11
  8. Travel Jerseys – this is the last year for the current Joma line.  Bobby will be looking into new kits
  9. Merchandise – Once again it was re-iterated that the point of our merchandise is for promotion, not profit.  Looking to add backpacks and pullovers with a ¾ zipper.  Looking to see where we can get things at lowest cost and also options for personalizing things like the backpacks.  Some suggestions were Revolution Gear here in Littleton of NE Promotional Gear.

Status Items:

  1. Treasurer (send in by Bob K) Operating acct at $70k, Booster acct at $22.7k and Operating at $595 We have brought in $2.9k in registrations since The February meeting. 
  2. NVYSL Update – there will be no league ref meeting and currently there is no ref coordinator.  Due to low numbers the Gr5/6 and Gr7/8 for both genders will play in a combined D1/2 flight.
  3. Soccer Development – Ted needs coaching lists to get out training info
  4. Coris – Bobby will start sending out emails

Other Business

  1. Annual meeting.  Tommy asked those who will not be returning to the board to make that decision known so that replacements can be found. 


Action Items:  Get ready to start the season!



Meeting adjourned at 9:13