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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – April 3, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Tommy Proulx, Bob Stall, Brad Laing, Pat Stearns, Dan Fusco, Bobby Chrenc, Dave Caouette, Seth Landsman Liz Shocklin, Ted Doucette, Kate Grant, Nathlie Daniels, Deb Laflamme and Chris Marrese.


Tommy Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:34


The March minutes were approved.


Action Items from February:  

  1. Tryouts for Girls 7/8 teams went well
  2. U10 at Revs – there will be 2 teams of 9.  84 Tickets sold so far.  Ted & Kate coordinating
  3. Equipment – Kate said the nets are almost done but sandbags need to be filled


Priority Business

  1. In-Town Registration: PeeWee = 72.  Lots of coaches

U6 = No report – no issues

U8 Boys = 46 cap at 48.  Girls = 35 cap at 40.  Plenty of coaches for both, 4 teams each

  1. Travel: Gr3/4 G = Finally have last coach – ready to go

Gr5/6 = A couple of placement complaints but all handled and ready to go

Gr7/8 = Two girls teams but one boys team with 20 players

HS = 6 girls have agreed to play with Athol

  1. In-town Jerseys – Extras will be stored at Soccer Stuff for use in the fall.
  2. Coris – all good
  3. Merchandise – Sold some shorts.  Lots left to sell.  Vendors will be looked at for bags/backpacks and personalization.
  4. League Athletics annual fee – no price change
  5. Field Update: Lining will be done before the season starts


Status Items:

  1. Treasurer (send in by Bob K) operating acct at $69.1k, Booster acct at $22.7k and Income at $3.4k We have brought in $2.7k in registrations since the March meeting.  
  2. NVYSL Update –MYSA is changing to a new registration system, should not create a problem for us.  Additionally new SORI fingerprint check will be needed for fall of 2019.  Bob Stall gave notice to resign. In the future look for deadlines to get earlier

The league is looking for a new Sportsmanship Director and Gr5/6 Director.  

League is looking for NCup referees – Littleton needs to come up with recommendations

League needs volunteers for Sportsmanship committee.

MYSA is upping the fee to $17 per player so we need to factor that into our fall registrations

We need to provide new spring players/coaches list to MYSA

  1. Tryouts – we need to shorten the game time as 1.5 hours too much high intensity especially at the younger age levels.  We will not have a Gr7/8 tryout this spring as not needed due to numbers


Action Items: START THE SEASON – Meeting adjourned at 8:24