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In Littleton, players who are in 2nd grade or lower at the start of the Fall season participate in an In-Town soccer program (both that Fall and the following Spring).  Games are played on the fields at the Russell Streeet School.

Game Times

All games are played on Saturday mornings, according to age group:

  • U8 - 8:30 am
  • U6 - 10:00 am
  • Pee Wee (U5) - 11:00 am

There are 8 games per season.  The first game of the spring season is generally the second Saturday in April, with the last game is 8 weeks later, skipping Memorial Day weekend.  The fall season generally begins the Saturday after Labor Day and ends the first week of November, skipping Columbus Day.  It is a good idea to arrive early as directed by your coach, to allow time for warm-ups.

Practice Times

Each team (except Pee Wee) has an evening practice during the week (Monday - Friday).  For U6, practices will be at 6:00 on Tuesday or Wednesday at St. Anne's.  For U8, the precise day and time for practice will be set by your coach.  One team might hold practice at 5pm on Tuesdays while another practices at 6pm on Fridays.  Some coaches ask for input from the team before setting a practice night, but the choice is driven by field scheduling and the availability of the coaches.

Other Sports

Some families consider registering a child for multiple sports.  Soccer games are scheduled at the same time on Saturday morning each week.  Other sports may have game times that vary from week to week.  Since the exact schedule for the upcoming season is not set until after registration closes, the best way to predict the number of schedule conflicts from multiple registrations is to review the online schedules for past years.

For example, the www.littletonbaseball.org website shows that T-Ball was scheduled on Saturday mornings from 8:15-9:45, making it possible to participate in both T-Ball and U6 soccer, which starts at 10:00.  A U8 soccer player could not play T-Ball, since the games occur at the same time, but could probably play Rookie League with only a few conflicts between mid-week baseball games and mid-week soccer practices.

Also, the www.littletonlax.org site shows that Saturday mornings have generally been free at the U9 level.  Thus, a U8 soccer player would probably find the only lacrosse conflicts to involve mid-week soccer practices.  In general, there are no Saturday games scheduled for lacrosse, softball, or baseball (except T-Ball).

If you are still concerned about scheduling, contact the coordinators of the specific programs involved for more information.  Once registered, please assist the respective coaches with their planning by letting them know when your child will be absent.