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Littleton Soccer Club

Littleton Massachusetts Youth Soccer


May 28, 1996

Organization Name

This organization shall be known as LITTLETON SOCCER CLUB, hereafter referred to as the LSC.

The LSC is a sub-committee of Littleton Park and Recreation Commission and is affiliated with the Assabet Valley Youth Soccer League (AVYSL), Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL) and the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). The LSC shall adhere to the AVYSL, NVYSL and MYSA Constitutions in all respects.


The objective of the LSC is to develop and execute a vital and exciting soccer program for the Town of Littleton. This will be accomplished through progams of organized competitive soccer play and programs designed to educate and develop players, coaches and referees.

Description and Governing Body

The LSC is open to anyone who registers with the Littleton Park and Recreation Department. Under the direction of the Littleton Park and Recreation Commission and with the administrative support of the Littleton Park and Recreation Department, the LSC shall plan, organize, direct and control all activities necessary to execute a successful soccer program.

The governing body of the LSC will be the Executive Board, hereafter referred to as the Board, which shall be structured as follows:

Note: "A" = Appointed "E" = Elected "V" = Voting Member "Vt" = Vote to break tie only


The elected Board members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Board members elected at that meeting shall take office effective as of the end of the spring soccer season, or July 1st, whichever occurs first.

The President shall appoint the Registrar, Equipment Director and the League Representative(s). The Referee Director, Coach Director, Field Director and PeeWee Director shall be appointed by their respective Program Director. All appointed Directors shall be approved by a majority of the Board.

Any position vacated prior to the next AGM shall be filled by an appointment by the President and approved by a majority of the Board.

Officers - Terms of Office

Officers shall hold office for a one-year term and are eligible for re-election or appointment.

Board Decisions

All matters of policy shall be decided by a simple majority vote. Five (5) Board members shall constitute a quorum.

Annual General Meeting

The objectives of the AGM are to solicit feedback from the membership on the current season, make any necessary modifications to the LSC Constitution, and elect new Board members. The meeting shall be structured to address these three objectives in the order stated. Notice of the AGM's must be given to all LSC members not less than ten days prior to the meeting date.

The AGM shall take place during the second half of the Spring soccer season at a date to be determined by the Board. Voting members at an AGM shall be parents or legal guardians of any player registered during the current year, coaches, assistant coaches and Board members.

Elections shall be conducted in the following sequence: President, Vice President, Traveling Program Director, In-Town Director, Treasurer, Secretary and Booster Director. Candidates shall be nominated by an AGM voting member. The voting shall be structured such that any unsuccessful candidate for a prior position may be nominated for a subsequent position.

The LSC Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the AGM

A Special General Meeting may be called by a majority vote of the Board at any time and shall follow the rules specified by the AGM.

Board Member Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities which are specified below, an addendum to this Constitution titled "Position Descriptions" will provide a supplement to the following brief descriptions. The position description addendum is informational only and can be updated at any time by a majority vote of the Board. However, the purpose of the position description is to clarify only and no position description can add or remove any responsibilities specifically assigned below.


The president shall officially preside at all meetings; be Chairperson of the Board; be the official representative of the LSC and be authorized to co-sign checks.

Vice President

The Vice President shall succeed to the office and powers of the President in his or her absence, or for the remainder of his or her term if vacated for any reason. In the event of such a vacancy, the Board shall elect a successor to the post of Vice President. In addition the Vice President shall investigate any unresolved issues involving coaches, referees, or players and recommend action to the Board. The Vice President can also co-sign checks.

Traveling Program Director

The Traveling Program Director shall plan, organize, direct and control the U-10 through U-17 age groups with the assistance of their appointed Referee, Coaching and Field Directors, and supporting Board members. The Traveling Program Director will work actively with the AVYSL and NVYSL to ensure that all AVYSL and NVYSL By-laws are followed. The Traveling Program Director shall be responsible for forming teams and ensuring Littleton teams are placed in League skill divisions commensurate with the skill of the team.

In-Town Program Director

The In-Town Program Director shall plan, organize, direct and control the PeeWee through U-8 age groups with the assistance of their appointed Referee, Coaching, Field and PeeWee Directors, and supporting Board members. The In-Town Program Director is responsible for forming teams and game schedules with an emphasis on fun and fair play.


The Treasurer shall have charge of all the finances of the LSC. He/She shall report on the finances at all Board meetings and shall have available a written report of the financial transactions and the status of the finances of the AGM. He/She shall be authorized to co-sign checks.

Booster Director

The Booster Director shall propose and carry out fund raising activities as agreed by the BoardD. The Booster Director shall mobilize a network of volunteers for fund raising activities within the club and solicit support from outside organizations such as the Littleton Youth Sports Association and other corporate donors.


The Secretary shall attend to all correspondence for the LSC, keep detailed minutes of all Board and general meetings, keep records as necessary, be responsible for public relations, publishing the LSC newsletter and shall correspond on behalf of the LSC only with the knowledge and permission of the President.


The Registrar shall actively work with the Littleton Park and Recreation Department to ensure that registration deadlines are widely advertised and that current, accurate and complete registration information is supplied to the In-Town and Traveling Program directors.

Equipment Director

The Equipment Director shall arrange for purchase/replacement, distribute, collect and make provision for storing of all soccer equipment such as nets, corner flags, balls, first aid kits, pumps, etc. The Equipment Director shall also purchase shirts for the In-Town program.

League Representative

The Leagure Representative(s) shall represent the LSC at AVYSL and NVYSL meetings and report to the LSC Board any activity which would have an impact on the LSC. The League Representative(s) shall make recommendations to the LSC Board in such cases and vote in accordance with LSC Board decisions.

Referee Directors

Referee Directors shall recruit, train, schedule and develop referees to officiate games in the respective programs.

Coach Directors

Coach Directors shall recruit, train, and develop quality coaches for their respective programs. The Coach Director shall assist the Program Director with team selection and coach placement.

Field Directors

Field Directors shall coordinate the supply and demand for fields with the Park and Recreation Department to ensure that LSC has its fair share of athletic field resources. In addition, the field directors will ensure that all teams within their respective programs get an equitable allotment of field time for practices and games and that the field use schedule is clearly communicated to all coaches.

PeeWee Director

The PeeWee Director shall plan organize and control the Pee Wee program for the In-Town Program Director. The PeeWee Director will emphasize flexibility and fun with the aim of encouraging inexperienced coaches, parents and children to continue in the soccer program.

Financial Policy


The treasurer shall prepare a balanced budget for the forthcoming year, and the Board shall approve the Budget before September 1st.


All moneys shall be paid when due. Checks written for budgeted expenses up to $300 shall require only one authorized signature. Checks written for bugeted expenses of over $300 shall require two authorized signatures. Checks written for any non-budgetary expense shall require two authorized signatures.

Disposition of Funds

Should the LSC be dissolved, all funds currently in the treasury will become the property of the Littleton Park and Recreation Department.

Modifications to the By-laws and Rules of Play

The Bylaws and Rules of Play may be amended by a simple majority of the Board members present at a BOARD meeting.

Other Matters

The Board shall have the authority to suspend any individual LSC member whose conduct is considered detrimental to the LSC. The Board shall have the power to deal with any matters not explicitly covered by the By-laws.

Adoption of the Constitution

This Constitution was approved at an Annual General Meeting on June 19, 1996.

Addendum: Position Descriptions