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The Littleton Soccer Board is elected (or appointed depending upon the position) at the annual meeting of the Littleton Youth Soccer Club. Board members, whether elected or appointed, are all volunteers.

Board meetings are open to the public.  They are held at 7:30pm the first Wednesday of each month in the Park & Rec room 123, on the lower level of the Town Hall/Library building.


Bobby Chrenc President president@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Jeff Raltz Vice President vp@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Nathalie Daniel Secretary secretary@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Bob Kulchuk Treasurer treasurer@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Tommy Proulx Registrar registrar@littletonyouthsoccer.org
David Caouette Travel Program Director travel@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Brad Laing In-Town U8 Coordinator u8@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Dan Fusco In-Town U6 Academy Coordinator u6@littletonyouthsoccer.org
  PeeWee Academy Coordinator peewee@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Pat Stearns Referee Director referees@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Pat Stearns In-Town Referee Coordinator referees@littletonyouthsoccer.org
<vacant> Snack Shack snackshack@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Kate Grant Equipment Director equipment@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Liz Schocklin Field Coordinator fields@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Bobby Chrenc NVYSL Representative president@littletonyouthsoccer.org
Ted Doucette Director of Soccer Development ted.doucette@comcast.net
Deb Laflamme Social Media Director