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LSC April Meeting
April 4, 2007
The general meeting was called to order by LSC President, Bob Stall at 7:30 PM.
Attendees: Bob Stall, Pat Stearns, Dale Cotnam, Tom Carlson, Larry Frisoli, Burt Morse, Gary Austin, Mike Swan, Jenna Canfield, Gerry Cavallo, Tim Keutzer, Mark Hollinger
Treasurer Report (Bob Stall)
                *Peter Stoults has resigned as treasurer.
                *A Statement of Operation was issued for the period of 7/1/06 to 4/2/07.
                                **Statement does not include charge for new uniforms or MYSA fees for new players
Travel Report (Mike Swan)
                *There are no problems.
                *There are 4 coaches that don’t have their rosters.
In Town Report
Peewee (Jen Canfield)
                *There are no problems.
U6 (Dale Cotnam)
                *There are no problems.
U8 (Larry Frisoli)
                *There are no problems.
Equipment (Gary Austin)
                *Everything is good.
                *We will need to order some new U10 nets.
                *Two of the new U12 goals have been assembled.
Referees (Gerry Cavallo)
                *There are 11 new referees, 3 returning referees and 3 that quit.
                *Referee assignments for the first weekend for in town and travel have been completed
                *It is very difficult to get a referee for a make up game during the week.
                                **If this is the only day that make up can be played, Gerry will find a ref.
NVYSL Report (Burt Morse)
                *There are no problems.
                *Encourage coaches to join the board, we need new members.
LSC Policy Discussion
                *General agreement was reached to create an LSC email group to be used by board members to
                 communicate all decisions so everyone is informed and to avoid confusion.
                *General agreement was reached to post the LSC Bylaws and Policies on the website after a
                 review at the May board meeting at which time any concerns could be addressed and any needed
                 changes could be made.
                *General agreement was reached to train all coordinators on the use of the LSC website database
                 following the LSC elections.
                Field Usage
                *A review of the process by which the fields are available for use was done.
                                **Park and Rec. has to release the fields to LSC for use. Pat Goddard makes this
                                **The decision is then made by the in town (Dale Cotnam) and travel (Mike Swan)
                                    coordinators along with the president (Bob Stall) and field coordinator (Burt Morse).
                                                ***Travel games must be cancelled 2 hours before game time by league rules.
                                                ***Travel coordinator updates the field status on the NVYSL website.
                *A decision was made to post the Littleton field status on the LSC website.
                                **The status of all the fields will be reported together, not each field separately
                Make Up Games
                *A review of the make up game process was done.
                                **Coaches must agree on a night with the opposing team.
                                **Call the field coordinator (Burt Morse) to get a field.
                                **Call the referee coordinator (Gerry Cavallo) to get a referee.
                                **Call the travel coordinator (Mike Swan) to report the game.
                *Make up games get precedence for fields over practices.
                *Travel registration deadlines are dictated by the date set by NVYSL for roster submission
                *In town registration deadline are dictated by the MYSA registration date.
Picture Day
                *Picture day will be May 17 at Shaker Lane School from 5:00-8:00pm.
                *Evaluations will be held on May 22 and 23.
                *Registration should be done from 5:30-6:00 and evaluations will start at 6:00.
                *May 22 will be evaluation for U10 2nd year and U12 1st year boys and girls.
                *May 23 will be for U10 1st year boys and girls.
                *May 24 could be an option if there is a conflict with baseball.
                *Travel coaches should stress the importance of going to evaluations.
                *An email notice should be sent to all the kids from the fall rosters directly.
World Cup
                *A draft flier was distributed.
                *Coaches should try to get parents to volunteer.
                *Each team should choose a team name.
                *We need to rent a PA from Moores.
                *Donelans has agreed to donate food.
                *We need to decide what the kids should get i.e. trophies, medals.
                *Decide when World Cup should be based on NCup make ups and Middle School dedication date.
Fall Registration
                *Travel registration should go from July 7 through roster submission.
                *In town should go from May 3 through MYSA closure date.
The next meeting will be on May 2, 2007.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Patrick Stearns
LSC Secretary