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LSC May Meeting
May 2, 2007
The general meeting was called to order by LSC President, Bob Stall at 7:30 PM.
Attendees: Bob Stall, Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Larry Frisoli, Gary Austin, Mike Swan, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Canfield
Treasurer Report (Bob Stall)
                *There are no problems.
Travel Report (Mike Swan)
                *There are no problems.
In Town Report
Peewee (Jenna Canfield)
                *There are no problems.
U6 (Dale Cotnam)
                *There are no problems.
U8 (Larry Frisoli)
                *There was a referee complaint at one game.
                *Trophies need to be ordered.
                                **We need 114 trophies.
                                **There are only 101 kids registered on the website.
                                                ***Have Tim check registrations vs. rasters to make sure that all have paid
Snack Shack (Gary Austin)
                *The snack shack is making money.
                *We bought a new hotdog machine that cost about $500.
                *Encourage coaches to join the board, we need new members.
                *We need to set a solid deadline for registration to end and stick to it.
                *Make all people register on the website before being placed on a team.
                                **This should make it easier to check for people that are not registered.
Picture Day
                *Picture day will be May 17 at Russell Street School from 5:00-8:00pm.
                *Photographer needs the schedule before he gets there.
                                **He says we can do 12 teams per hour.
                *Send the schedule to the coaches and poll for conflicts with baseball.
                *The Simmons are unable to do the assessments as planned.
                *There are three options being consider as an alternative.
                                **Board members with kids that don’t play.
                                **High school kids as part of there service.
                                **Hire MLS coaches from Teamworks.
                *Agreement to contact Teamworks to get assessors.
World Cup
                *There are no problems.
                *We need volunteers.
                                **Try to get 1 person from each team to help.
Fall Registration
                *In town should go from May 3 through MYSA closure date.
                *Travel should open May 3 and close June 30 at which time the roster will be assessed
                *Discussion about making a banner to hang across the street with registration date
                                **Gary will look in to it.
Fund Raising
                *Discussed selling coffee and donuts at Russell Street.
                                **Brew at Koerper and bring the coffee to Russell Street.
                *Raise money to fix up St. Anne field.
Board Issues
                *Election of new official will be at the June meeting.
                *Peter, Mike and Russ are leaving.
                *Equipment position will be split.
                                **Coordinators handle drop off and pick up of equipment.
The next meeting will be on June 6, 2007.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Patrick Stearns
LSC Secretary