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LSC November Meeting
November 1, 2006
The general meeting was called to order by LSC President, Bob Stahl at 7:30 PM.
Attendees: Bob Stall, Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, Tim Keutzer, Jen Canfield, Dale Cotnam, Larry Frisoli, Gerry Cavallo
Vote to accept the minutes of October board meeting.
Treasurer Report (Bob Stall)
                *Statement of Operation for the period 7/1/06 to 10/15/06 and Projected Cash Flow statements
                 were issued.
                                **Ending balance as of 10/15/06 was $10,435 of profit.
                                **Park and Rec will keep a separate account for uniforms
                                **LSC hasn’t been charged the $3800 for field use.
                                **In town shirts will cost about $1700.
Travel Report (Mike Swann)
                *No problems
In Town Report
Peewee (Jen Canfield)
                *Issues to be discussed with coaches at the coaches meetings.
                                **No headers should be taught before U10 due to safety concerns.
                                **Encourage coaches and referees to enforce the goal arc rule.
                                **Encourage coaches not to focus on defense. Don’t park kids on defense.
U6 (Dale Cotnam)
                *No Problems
U8 (Larry Frisoli)
                *No Problems
Equipment (Gary Austin)
                *New 7 X 7 goals through the league will cost $1718 per set and Keorper needs two sets
                                **Mike Lynn has agreed to buy one set of 7 X 7 goals in exchange for one set of full size
                                     goals from Keorper.
                *New 7 X 7 goals not purchased through the league cost $2060.
                *Need to order uniforms for the spring season.
Snack Shack (Gary Austin)
                *Averaged approximately $100 per week during the fall season.
                *Bought and paid for two coffee makers.
Referees (Gerry Cavallo)
                *Littleton was selected to host a Grade 9 Referee course.
                *Discussion about the declining number of referees for travel games.
                                **Coordinators should have a discussion with coaches about parent conduct.
                                **We are losing referees due to comments from parents.
                *Discussion about writing a parent conduct handbook for coaches to distribute to parents.
                                **Pick a committee at December meeting to write the handbook.
                                                ***Handout should discuss rule and conduct.
                *Travel registration is reopened and will be closed on December 16.
                                **League registration is due December 17.
                *In town registration is reopened and will closed on March 1.
                                **After registration has closed, kids will go on a wait list.
                                                ***Kids will only pay if they are put on a team.
                                **Coordinators will get the appropriate list after closing date.
                                **Discussion about strictly enforcing the registration closure date.
                                **Discussion about no refund except for hardship.
                *Mark Hollinger will do the front end work on the website.
                *Discussion about the league waiver policy.
                                **Families need to get a waiver from the town and the league for two consecutive seasons
                                    for child to be grand fathered into the program.
The varsity soccer coaches will be attending the next meeting.
The next meeting will be on December 6, 2006.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Patrick Stearns
LSC Secretary