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LSC September Meeting
September 5, 2007
The general meeting was called to order by LSC Vice President, Pat Stearns at 7:30 PM.
Attendees: Bob Stall, Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Gary Austin, Dale Cotnam, Larry Frisoli, Mark Hollinger, Gerry Cavallo, Jenna Canfield, Burt Morse, Marc O’Meara, Mike Morey
A vote was taken and passed to accept the notes for the August meeting.
A Statement of Operations was issued.
Treasurer Report (Dale Cotnam)
                *Total LSC cash balance as of 8/31/07 is $34,723.
                                **Fees to MYSA have not been sent yet.
Travel Report (Gary Austin)
                *There are scheduling problems with the NVYSL website.
                                **Changes to the master schedule do not work.
                                **U12 Girls C and U12 Girls E team were swapped in the NVYSL placement.
In Town Report
Peewee (Dale Cotnam)
                *There are no problems.
U6 (Larry Frisoli)
                *There are no problems.
U8 (Jenna Canfield)
                *There are no problems.
                *There are some first year players playing on second year teams to adjust for team sizes.
Referees (Gerry Cavallo)
                *In town referees can choose which game they want to work.
                *Coaches should bring the slips for the referees.
                *After the games, the coaches should collect the slips.
Equipment (Gary Austin)
                *All the equipment is out.
                *There is new equipment to be ordered.
Registration (Tim Keutzer)
                *There was a question about when refunds are given.
                                **Refunds are only given for medical reasons.
NVYSL (Tom Carlson)
                *There are no issues.
                *A report about the meeting was emailed to all the board members.
Website (Mark Hollinger)
                *We are currently moving information from the old website to the new website.
                * An Emergency Medical Consent Form was created for all the teams.
Fields (Burt Morse)
                *All the practice fields are filled.
                *The Girls U12 C and D teams will play at St.Anne’s Field.
LSC Philosophy
                *A discussion was had about the philosophy of the in town program.
                                **The in town program should make their best effort to level the teams.
                                                ***Moves will be made on a season to season basis if needed.
                                **Coordinator will not be expected to honor specific coach requests by the parents from
                                    the registration form.
                                **Teams should be made up with input from the coaches and the coordinator.
                                **A statement of the philosophy should be placed on the website.
                *A discussion was had about the registration of the travel program.
                                **It was resolved that the travel program will no longer guarantee a place for every child
                                    on a team even if they register on time.
                                                Players will be placed on teams in a first come, first serve basis.
                                **Registration should be opened as soon as possible and be closed December 1.
                                                ***Registration after the closed date will be charged an additional 50% more
                                                      than the normal registration fee without exception.
                *All new policies should be placed on the website before registration for the spring opens.
Board Positions
                *Pat Stearns resigned as LSC Secretary.
                *Marc O’Meara was voted in as new Secretary.
                *Mike Morey was appointed to the position of Peewee Coordinator.
                *The position of Booster Director is still open.
                *Please try to restrict use of the LSC group email to business that involves the whole board.
                *Board members should use restraint when discussing players with parent to avoid undue
                 expectations, especially in respect to travel team placements.
The next meeting will be on October 3, 2007.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Patrick Stearns
LSC Secretary