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LSC October Meeting
October 3rd, 2007
The general meeting was called to order by LSC Vice President, Pat Stearns at 7:30pm
Attendees: Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Gary Austin, Larry Frisoli, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Canfield, Marc O’Meara, Tim Keutzer
A vote was taken and passed to accept the notes for the September meeting.
A statement of operations was issued.
Travel Report (Austin)
  • No problems reported
In Town Report
  • A 4 goal differential, leads to the losing team adding a player to the field.
  • An email needs to be sent to in-town coaches to remind players not to hang on the nets for safety purposes and to limit damage to nets and to not move goals too far away on Friday nights (ie: from upper track to lower field).
Pee Wee
  • No problems reported
U-6 (Frisoli)
  • U-6 games should have 10 min quarters. One ref was doing 6-8 min quarters.
U-8 (Canfield)
  • An assistant coach yelled at a ref. The ref complained. It was taken care of.
  • In town refs are assigned to a specific field.
  • Several complaints about the same ref who is lazy, shortens games on purpose, and doesn’t make calls.
  • Winning coach gets the score card and gives it to Larry
Equipment (Austin)
  • We have enough patches for Pepperell tourney but we’ll need to order more for Spring
  • We had free hot dogs and waters left over from World Cup so it helped us make more money.
  • Taking in about $200/wk. in sales from snack shack
  • LYSA: $8321.21 from clothing and snack shack
  • Some nets are torn and need replacement
  • In-town directors collect the equipment bags at the end of the season then give to Gary.
Registration (Keutzer)
  • Final list of coaches and players is due on 10/5/07 (Friday)
  • League registration fee was $6611
  • We have 6 new extra coaches so therefore it will cost a little bit more money
  • $80,000 in bank
  • There’s been some sportsmanship problems with some of the teams
  • More teams wanted to move up, than teams that wanted to move down
  • Faxing roster changes
  • Discussions regarding 11v 11 to get ready for High School. MTOC, NCUP
  • Do we want to host a skills series for U-12? MYSA will pay town of Littleton to rent the gym space. Need to contact Mike Fontanella for gym space. Participants pay the $130/player registration fee. Jan thru March.  
  • MTOC is considering a 9-10 wk season
Website (Mark Hollinger)
  • If we want to put pictures of some of our soccer players on the website, we’ll need a parent release and post the picture without the name of the child.
  • Spring soccer registration is open until 12/1. Then, late fees start.
  • Late fees will be an additional 50% more of the normal registration fee: $55 plus $25= $80 for in-town and $65 plus $30=$95 for travel.
  • Not sure to open spots for older groups since unsure if will have enough kids.
  • Is there a new soccer field going to the right of the new school?
  • St. Anne’s field is getting run down. Do we want to spend the money to fix it? We probably don’t have enough money to fix it. Would need to do a fund raiser to collect enough money.
  • One idea for a fund raiser was the Brian Murphy photo files
New Business
  • G license – should we require our coaches to at least get this training as a minimum?
  • Concord-Carlisle just began requiring it for their coaches. What would our drop out rate be if we required this?
  • We could try to host a G-training in the Spring. We have the money.
Board Positions
The position of Booster director is still open
The next meeting will be on November 7, 2007.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marc C. O’Meara
LSC Secretary