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LSC November Meeting
November 7th, 2007
The general meeting was called to order by LSC President, Bob Stall at 7:30pm
Attendees: Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Gary Austin, Larry Frisoli, Mark Hollinger, Marc O’Meara, Bob Stall, Burt Morse, Mike Morey, Dale Cotnam, Gerry Cavallo
A vote was taken and passed to accept the notes for the October meeting.
A statement of operations was issued.
Treasurer Report (Cotnam)
  • LYSA Balance through October 2007: $15599.66
Travel Report (Austin)
  • Before make up games in the last week, Littleton travel teams had a combined record of: 70-59-15.
  • Previous weekend had the hurricane and 7 games cancelled and 2 were rescheduled.
  • Coaches need to get to field 30 minutes early.
  • Snack shack averaged about $150 per week.
In Town Report (Frisoli)
  • Registration so far is slow at about 30 sign ups each for u-6 and u-8, we expect 80.
Pee Wee (Morey)
  • Some concern that football moved pee wee soccer three times during the season after football said it would only need to do it once early in the season.
U-6 (Frisoli)
  • No problems reported
U-8 (Canfield)
  • No problems reported
Referees (Cavallo)
  • We need 6-8 new referees, may need to be recruited.
  • New refs can start if they are in at least 6th grade. Needs to be 11yo. A referee can work a game if they are 2 levels above the players they are reffing.
  • They need to take the referee class. There are frequent classes so it’s easy to find one to attend.
  • Pay scale is $11 per game for u-6 or u-8 and $18 per game for u-10.
  • We may want to consider giving a bonus to refs who recruit other refs.
  • Full reimbursement for referee certification courses
  • Reimburse up to $50 per season for referee uniform items excluding shoes and watches
  • Pay $18 for attending league meeting
  • Website needs updating of referee advertising section. Sign up for refereeing on website not needed.
Equipment (Austin)
  • In-town directors collect the equipment bags then the directors give to Gary
Registration (Keutzer)
  • No problems reported
  • There were complaints from other towns about why games were held in such poor weather conditions this past weekend. One point is that games are not meaningless and count toward the Spring ratings.
  • Hoping to have an indoor u-12 clinic. Details have not been finalized. Still looking to book gym space and dates.
  • Adding a bulletin board to the Koerper Field with the day’s game schedule should be considered. Other towns provide this to guide teams that show up early. It could be posted near snack shack.
Website (Mark Hollinger)
  • Spring soccer registration is open until 12/1. Then, late fees start.
  • Late fees will be an additional 50% more of the normal registration fee: $55 plus $25= $80 for in-town and $65 plus $30=$95 for travel.
  • Not sure to open spots for older groups since unsure if will have enough kids. For spring 2008 there are 3 girls’ teams open: u-16, u-8 and high school. Too many club players to fill all these. Coach will need to call and recruit players to fill out some of these rosters.
  • Fall 2007: 21 players went without paying. Should they be allowed to play in the Spring? Lisa needs to get an email regarding why so many. Some may be hardships.
  • 7 Players paid but didn’t get placed on a team. Some parents have been notified how to get a refund.
  • We need to change wording to state: If a u-12 signs up before 12/1/07 they are guaranteed a spot on a team.
  • For u-14, not guaranteeing spots on team: cap of 18 for bu14 and 36 for gu14.
  • After Thanksgiving, we need one more blast email for registration reminder and late fee notification.
  • If a player backs out of a registration before the registration deadline, it’s OK to give a refund.
  • Is there a new soccer field going to the right of the new school?
  • We have a long-term lease for the St. Anne’s field and it is getting run down. We could fix it.
  • Consider pushing for High School fields again or maybe not. Youth lacrosse using the high school fields?
New Business
  • G license – we should line up a G-course at Lancaster turf fields in March 2008 and we could be the host. We’d need to have a gymnasium backup for inclement weather. This would pull coaches from surrounding towns. Contact Tara. Minimum 12 coaches.
  • We reimburse $30 for a G-course which is 4 hours long. Attendees need a receipt and a certificate for reimbursement.
  • Mass Premier Soccer (MPS) rep, Justin Capell, came to meeting to inform us about the programs and clinics they could provide us.
  • MPS is a non-profit company striving for player development (u-4 up to high school), they feed the local pro teams and they can provide coach development.
  • MPS offered a coaches clinic for free to LSC.
  • MPS could be flexible and create a program or training to the needs of our town.
  • MPS could do a u-8 clinic at Devens, called Junior School of Excellence. They would need 10 players. $125 per player for 6 weeks. They get gear and uniform. This is an affordable clinic when compared to MYS clinics. No tryouts. Fun. 1-2 graders.
The next meeting will be on December 5th, 2007.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:32pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marc C. O’Meara
LSC Secretary