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LSC December Meeting
December 5th, 2007
The general meeting was called to order by President, Bob Stall at 7:30pm
Attendees: Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Gary Austin, Larry Frisoli, Mark Hollinger, Marc O’Meara, Bob Stall, Dale Cotnam, Mike Morey
A vote was taken and passed to accept the notes for the November meeting.
A statement of operations was issued.
Treasurer Report
  • Treasurer report issued. LYSA over $8000
  • Lisa Paradis is leaving Park and Rec, note accepted.
Travel Report (Austin)
  • BU10 – 37 (4 teams)
  • BU12 – 32 (3 teams)
  • BU14 – 18, 4 wait listed (1 team), check other towns like Ayer, Shirley, Harvard
  • GU10 - 44 (4 teams)
  • GU12 – 50 (4 teams)
  • GU14 – 36, 2 wait listed (2 teams)
In Town Report
Pee Wee
  • Forecast 43 (8 teams and 8 coaches), was 50 in Fall
U-6 (Frisoli)
  • Numbers down so far for spring
  • 62 (8 teams of 8-9), was 82 in Fall
  • Player moved to U8
  • Can an older child play down if in a lower grade. Safety concern was brought up.
U-8 (Canfield)
  • Numbers down so far for spring
  • 116 (66 2nd grade, 50 1st grade)
  • No issues
Equipment (Austin)
  • High School: Got $ for nets –transferred to LYSA account
  • Gary Austin to resign in June.
  • Need to take down soccer sign up sign
Registration (Keutzer)
  • No issues
  • Jan 25 is freeze date
  • Dec 18 Preliminary
  • No meetings had occurred, notes/emails were passed along
  • Groton-Dunstable wanted MTOC to start a week later, have one week off for tourney, and keep to original 8 game season. This needs to be voted on at next NVYSL meeting.
Website (Mark Hollinger)
  • 1-2 complaints about the late fee
  • To remove the Peewee late fee
  • 5-10 kids went unpaid, but were registered for Spring. Will email that they have to pay before 12/31 or will lose spot. If they have a hardship, they should contact Park and Rec
  • 21 kids from Fall never paid, they may have paid Park and Rec and we don’t know it. Need a list of registered/paid names from P+R.
  • We got $75 this past Fall from Park and Rec from people who didn’t want to pay online.
  • Lacrosse in Spring to use field space
New Business
  • Try to get MPS free coach clinic in March 12th or 19th  of 2008 during coaches meeting. Consider providing gifts like hats or shirts.
  • Next step would be a G course
  • G course preferred
  • At pre-season coaches meeting need to mention the zero tolerance policy for coaches and parents. Those who act up will come before the board.
Board Positions
  • For the Fall: The position of Booster director is open, as are travel director, equipment manager and snack shack director.
  • The next meeting will be on January 9th, 2008.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:12pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marc C. O’Meara, LSC Secretary