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LSC March Meeting
March 5th, 2008
The general meeting was called to order by President, Bob Stall at 7:30pm
Attendees: Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Gary Austin, Larry Frisoli, Marc O’Meara, Bob Stall, Dale Cotnam, Burt Morse, Mike Morey, Jenna Canfield, Mark Hollinger, Gerry Cavallo. Along with coaches Katie Hunt and Mark Rambacher.
A vote was taken and passed to accept the notes for the February meeting.
A statement of operations was issued.
Treasurer Report
  • Treasurer report issued.
  • Fiscal balance: $34,270.51
  • NVYSL costs were down with less older teams and reduced prices.
Travel Report (Austin)
  • Teams are set
  • Burt will move to 4pm so girls can play at home in week 2
  • Not ideal to have 17 players on the Rec B GU12 but had 3 full teams in fall and several didn’t sign up for the spring
In Town Report
Pee Wee (Morey)
  • Teams (8) are set
  • Coaches have been contacted
U-6 (Frisoli)
  • 10 teams of 8 players (78 players) 4v4
  • Capped at 80
  • Rumor that a set of twins may not play, then players will need to be shifted
U-8 (Canfield)
  • A lot of 1st year players did not return for the spring
  • Rosters set
  • 2 teams lost 6 players each
  • 9 per team and will play 6v6
  • Blast coaches about upcoming G coaching courses, F courses are good for travel coaches
  • Will need 3 coaches for the fall to coach GU-10. Who will it be?
  • Have 4-5 new refs
  • Added 2 new refs recently
  • At the end of March there are ref courses
Equipment (Austin)
  • Travel patches came in
  • Shirts are in
  • New rule for this year, hand in equipment bag and teams get trophies
  • Jenna has 8 bags and Mark R. has 2 bags
  • Need to order ice packs
Registration (Keutzer)
  • No issues
  • No league issues
  • Gym reserved for 3/26 for indoor coaches clinic
·         6 older teams didn’t get enough players
  • No refunds needed since cost was for $0
  • Registration has slots open now for teams
  • Late fees are showing up
  • Registration page needs scrolling
  • Mark needs rosters so he can email each coach their medical sheets, which won’t need signatures
  • Things we could add to website: Philosophy, weather info and other stuff from old website
  • Home games have been mapped out
  • Some week day games have a team as TBA
  • U-10: St. Anne’s only, U-12 and 14 get Koerper one night guaranteed
  • For U-10 thru U-14 some Russell St. fields are available (about 13 leftover for a 2nd practice night)
  • Lacrosse will use high school fields
  • We need correct goalie lines on all fields
  • Girls Lacrosse (Mon-Thurs) will practice on field hockey fields two nights so we’ll need to assign practice fields and nights for in-town for the first time.
New Business
  • Need to get practice schedule, shirts and equipment bags for the night of the coaches clinic
  • MPS free coach clinic/coaches meeting from 7-9pm on 3/26 (2 weeks before start of season). Providing gift hats for coaches. High School booked from 6:30-9.
  • Newsletter is getting ready to be sent on 4/1 it will be double-sided for 400 kids at Russell St and Shaker Lane
  • Mark Hollinger’s wife’s Real Estate company will donate the printing cost
  • Sophomore class will be at Russell St. fields on Saturday AM to serve coffee and doughnuts to raise money for their class ($60-100/day estimated)
  • Picture Day will be on a Saturday. Which one? First Communion is when?
  • Plan is for June 4th to be Annual Meeting in the Multi-Purpose room
  • Email suggestions if ideas to change current assessment form, Katie to help. Will try to simplify form
  • Need to add a section about if recommended to move player up or down or if appropriate for level
  • Coordinators need to stress to coaches how important it is for players to make the assessment night
  • It is also real important for coaches to give complete evaluations of U-8 players moving up to U-10. May want to give forms earlier and give to assistant coaches. No changes needed to form.
  • U-8 2nd year players will be evaluated during their regular season games
Board Positions Open For the Fall Season:
  • The position of Booster Director – bizarre and football game sales
  • Travel Directors/League Rep. – both boys and girls - ?Tom and Dale share, need to go with Gary to March meeting
  • Registrar (Tim is resigning) – Mark H.? – it’s a twice a year job (Aug/Mar), send in names of coaches, players and asst coaches
  • Equipment Manager - ?Tom
  • Snack Shack Director
  • Gary to write up job descriptions of the various jobs he’s resigning from
  • The next meeting will be on April 2nd, 2008.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:26pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marc C. O’Meara, LSC Secretary