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LSC May Meeting

May 7th, 2008


The general meeting was called to order by LSC Vice President, Pat Stearns at 7:43pm

Attendees: Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Gary Austin, Larry Frisoli, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Canfield, Marc O’Meara, Dale Cotnam, Burt Morse, Mike Morey, Mark Rambacher. Several coaches from U-8 attended tonight.

No notes were available from the April meeting. March minutes were approved.

A statement of operations was issued.

Treasurer Report (Cotnam)

  • $29,331.80 balance

  • $7,399.00 uniform balance

  • LYSA account has about $8,000 from clothes and snack shack sales.

  • World Cup expenses will need to come out of LYSA account.

  • Town accountant is setting new rules that state that if the whole soccer program doesn’t benefit from an event then we can’t use money from fees for it, we must use LYSA money from fund raisers. This may increase our need to do fund raisers.

  • We’ll need money to pay evaluators for upcoming evaluations at end of May.

  • Money we get from fees may only be able to be spent on uniforms, nets, and equipment.

  • It’s possible we can’t buy trophies from fee money either, may need to use LYSA money.

  • Should we make World Cup day for in-town AND travel? Could we use money from fees then?

  • We need to consider how we collect money: should we reduce the entry fee and require some sort of fund raising for each family (this money would go to LYSA).

  • We need to find out the rules and talk about it in June so we can plan our spending for the new fiscal year.

Travel Report (Austin)

  • No problems

  • Overall, our travel teams are about .500

  • There are some make up games to schedule.

In Town Report (Frisoli)

  • No issues except for one letter of complaint sent to Park and Rec regarding team balance

  • Need to make orders for World Cup day

  • Need to order trophies soon

  • Can we get sound system donated? If not, what is the cost?

Pee Wee (Morey)

  • No problems reported, played in rain one week

U-6 (Frisoli)

  • Will plan for parody for last 3 games of season

U-8 (Canfield)

  • Will plan for parody for last 3 games of season


  • No problems

Equipment (Austin)

  • Need to set a date for equipment return with Mark R.

Registration (Hollinger)

  • Registration for Fall 2008 Soccer is open

  • Travel soccer will have an earlier deadline than in-town. We need this earlier deadline due to need to inform the league of how many teams we will have. We need to set caps and late fees.

  • For In-town soccer, the earlier deadline didn’t work. So will back up the date but still need a deadline for in-town with late fees so we can get kids signed up, know how many shirts to order and know how many coaches will be needed. Decided on 7/1/08 is deadline for travel sign ups and 8/1/08 is the deadline for in-town sign ups, and then late fees are incurred. Late fees will be $30 for travel, $25 for in-town and $0 for Peewee.

  • We could overbuy shirts for in-town and store them for the following season if not need. Maybe two extra teams for each level of in-town.

  • New families in town don’t incur a late fee.


  • July 12 is preliminary registration for travel

  • July 19 is the Final Registration

  • July 25 is the Freeze date

  • U-12 had some red cards and some field problems that included teams not cleaning up their mess after games

  • Some make ups games needed to be scheduled

  • They will limit roster changes per season for upcoming year

  • Team fees will remain the same for next season

  • We’ve been asked to host the NCUP tourney for U-12. It’s a lot of work. We’ve hosted the tourney several times recently and should give other towns a chance to host if they’d like. If no other town steps up then we could offer if we get enough volunteers (about 12 needed). We could get about $50 per game from concessions possibly. 10 games total.

  • Caps for travel are needed. 15-17 players on a travel team is unacceptable. We should cap for 2 teams if enough then have a 3rd team if enough on waiting list for U-12s. Caps for each level should be decided on soon and communicated/emailed to Mark Hollinger so he can set the registration site correctly. Better to set the cap low?

Website (Hollinger)

  • Schedule is on it now

  • Can get messages now

  • Picture Day reminders could happen

  • Will add to registration: which level of coaching license the volunteer has? Do you have a license?

Fields (Morse)

  • We need to make a sign for the emergency access gate at Koerper field. It should be made of metal. Can the town takle care of this cost? (Call Pat Goddard)

  • The sign should say “Emergency Entrance – No Parking”

  • Everyone needs to know that Koerper Field should be pronounced “Kerper Field” 

Assessments (Canfield)

  • Parent letter sent out for assessments/ To post letter at website.

  • There will be no make ups. Just one less way to assess the players who miss assessments (parents and players need to make a choice between baseball game and assessments).

  • Coach Form for assessments of travel players and 2nd yr U-8s was slightly changed with an added comment box. Will also send to assistant coaches for feedback.

  • Assessment form for Assessment Night is ready. About 8 assessors are planned to attend some from Acton Indoor Stars program, some are veteran coaches form Littleton and some are coaches not involved at this level

  • Need a parent volunteer from each team hoping that 50% of them show up. 4-5 parents need each of the 3 nights.

  • Assessments are from 5:30 check in and assessments 6-8pm.

  • In town teams should not practice that night or go to football field to practice

  • Children should not wear their team uniforms, will get assigned a number which will be pinned on their shirts

  • No rain plan since hard to schedule.

  • What to do with assessment numbers?

    1. Assessment numbers

    2. Coaches assessments

    3. Coaches meeting input. Sit around table and discuss players and rosters.

  • Should we keep 3rd graders together or mix depending on skill level. May be best to keep U-10 together, but at U-12 and U-14 it may be OK to mix ages based on skill.

New Business

  • Several new people who will be attending the meetings will be added to the google group email list

  • Picture Day is coming up on 5/17/08. We need a schedule and packets to pass out this weekend. It’s at Russell Street School under the awning 8am-2pm. We need a table for selling clothes at Picture Day to raise money.

  • Katie Hunt was appointed Booster Director

  • Plan is to have a table for sales of clothes at the World Cup event too, maybe with some new types of clothing.

  • New uniforms for Travel Soccer.

    1. Mark R. brought some pictures of replica uniforms for the board to make choices on.

    2. Changing the logo may be another decision that needs to be made via email before the June meeting. Gary will send out an email with logo choices.

    3. Pop tops is only company that can provide Navy and Gold uniforms. Soccer Stuff couldn’t do it. What about Big Toe?

    4. The current uniforms are 6 yrs old.

    5. We can’t get final prices until the design is known. We need to decide on which material to use.

    6. New players for U-10 get new uniforms for sure. What other teams should have new uniforms?

    7. Most agreed that the uniform pic with the #72 on it was the best looking choice.

    8. Need to get shirt samples to bring in for June Meeting so we can make final decisions.

    9. Should we order 200 uniforms when the time comes to make order?

Board Positions

  • Voting for all board positions is at the next meeting in June, which is the Yearly Meeting


The next meeting will be on June 4, 2008 at 7:30pm for the Yearly Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:47pm.


Respectfully Submitted, 

Marc C. O’Meara
LSC Secretary