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LSC – Annual General Meeting

June 4th, 2008

The general meeting was called to order by LSC President, Bob Stall at 7:41pm


Attendees: Pat Stearns, Tom Carlson, Gary Austin, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Canfield, Marc O’Meara, Dale Cotnam, Burt Morse, Mike Morey, Mark Rambacher, Bob Stall and Katie Hunt. Larry Frisoli came for the beginning of the meeting.


Meeting notes were accepted from the May meeting.


A statement of operations was issued.


Treasurer Report (Cotnam)

  • $30,258.00 Park and Rec

  • $7,524.00 uniform balance

  • $8500.00 LYSA account from clothes and snack shack sales. Gained $1000 since picture day.


Travel Report (Austin)

  • No problems

  • Overall, our travel teams ended the year at .500 (51-51-14) with a few make up games remaining. 2 of our teams that didn’t get a win had been moved up.


In Town Report (Frisoli)

  • No issues


Pee Wee (Morey)

  • Short on volunteers


U-6 (Frisoli)

  • No issues


U-8 (Canfield)

  • No issues


World Cup (Frisoli)

  • Things are ready: grills, Donelan’s donated food, Sound system donated by Mike Lind, Honor Guard, Trophies, Tables, Mini Pools for beverages

  • We need grilling volunteers

  • If need reimbursement, then need a reimbursement form and get it signed by a board member. Need to do this for trophies, some of the food and assessors.



  • No problems


Equipment (Austin)

  • No issues


Registration (Hollinger)

  • Registration for Fall 2008 Soccer is open

  • 203 registered for Fall 2008 season

  • Will send a blast reminder

  • 7/1 Travel deadline before late fees; 8/1 in-town deadline before late fees, no late fees for new families to town or for peewees

  • BU12 30 cap -29 already signed up (8v8)

  • GU10 44 cap and 24 signed up

  • GU12 36 cap and 26 signed up

  • GU14 36 cap and 23 signed up



  • No meetings have occurred

  • Playoffs for tied teams at Koerper Field


Website (Hollinger)

  • Will send an email to new travel parents (u-8s moving up) about buying uniforms

  • If need directions to a field, go to NVYSL website

  • There will be a presentation of the web site at the coaches meeting


Fields (Morse)

  • No issues


Assessments (Canfield)

  • Results tabulated from assessments, excel spreadsheets

  • Deadline for coach assessments is 6/1

  • Steps to forming teams for travel: 1. Put teams together 2. Need a coach from each team 3. Coaches meeting/final decisions.

  • In July, travel soccer coaches meeting: teams will be formed from input from 2 travel directors, coaches and data

  • Looks like we’ll have 2-3 GU10 teams but only 1 confirmed coach at this time


MLS Presentation (Terry)

  • Considering a new program for this coming fall for the peewees and maybe U-6 which would entail MLS coaches leading drills for peewee and U-6 and the Littleton coaches observing to learn how to run a practice and certain drills

  • This is part of the exchange program with MLS. If we spend $10,000 through MLS (summer soccer camps, uniforms, paint, training, etc) we get coaching credits. We could get free coaching clinics for things we already need to purchase or spend money on.


New uniforms for Travel Soccer.

  • $40 for just the shirt, $60 for the uniform if order between 1-500 uniforms

  • Takes 6-8 weeks for orders

  • Kids on older teams can have a team vote if want to spend extra money on new uniforms

  • New U-10s will get new uniforms

  • Should order 200-250 adult mediums of the wicking material

  • Possibly could have an in-town swap shop for uniforms if no names put on backs


Season Feedback:

  • Room for improvement of equal teams for U-6 and U-8

  • Parent requests are secondary when setting up the teams

  • Coaches meeting pre-season needed to shift players as needed to balance U-6 and U-8 teams and get feedback from coaches, director and coordinators


Board Positions elected:

President – Bob Stall

VP – Pat Stearns

Travel director girls: Dale Cotnam; boys: Tom Carlson

In-Town director: Marc O’Meara

Treasurer: open

Secretary: open

Booster Director: Katie Hunt


Appointed positions:

NVYSL Rep: Tom Carlson

Peewee Director: Marc O’Meara

U-6 director: Mike Morey

U-8 director: Jenna Brownson

Web master: Mark Hollinger

Registrar: Mark Hollinger

Equipment: Mark Rambacher

Referees: Gerry Cavallo/Mark Rambacher

Fields: Scott Ellis

Concessions: Sarah Marshall

Player Development Director: Jenna Canfield



The next meeting will be on August 6, 2008 at 7:30pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:31pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Marc C. O’Meara

LSC Secretary