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LYSC 8-6-08 Minutes
Members Present: Bob Stall, Marc O’Meara, Jenna Brownson, Dale Cotnam, Katie Hunt, Nancy Benullo, Gerry Cavallo, Mike Morey, Scott Ellis, Marc Rambaucher, Mark Hollinger, David Besse, Tom Carlson, Ian Kersley, Ivan Pagacik
Non-Board Members present: Beth Ellis, Brian Manning, Nancy Howard
A vote was taken to accept the minutes from the June meeting.
Jenna Canfield resigned as player development coordinator.
Treasurer Report
●          Report issued
●          Cash balance as of 6/30/08 $44,579
●          Uniform costs not included in balance
●          Ivan Pagacik voted in as Secretary
●          David Besse voted in as Travel Coaches Director
●          Ian Kersley voted in as In-Town Coaches Director
●          509 Registrations currently
●          Travel closed, Pee Wee still open, In-Town open with late fee
Travel Update (Boys)
●          Teams set, Coaches selected, A few Cori’s are still required
●          Team count (6) U10, (3) U12, (1) U14
●          Schedules not done yet, Sunday Aug 24th Coaches NVYSL meeting
Travel Update (Girls)
●          Teams set, Coaches selected
          Team count (2) U14, (4) U12, (5) U10
U8 Update
●          59 first year, 69 second year registrations
●          6 teams of ten for second year
●          8 teams of nine for first year
U6 Update
●          51 registrations
●          8 teams of 6
Pee Wee Update
●          52 registrations
●          8 teams of 6
MLS Coach Update
●          Bob Stall gave an overview on the MLS program to help Pee Wee and U6 coaches with instruction.
●          Voted to have MLS come and provide instruction to Pee Wee, U6 and U8 on Saturdays during game slot times.
Equipment Update
●          Shirts and uniforms have been ordered. Due in within the next week. Order balls, cones, gloves through MLS within the next few days.
Fields Update
●          Need to check with Park and Rec on when fields will be open. Goals at Shaker Lane need nets.
NVYSL Update
●          Tom Carlson brought up that starting in Spring 2009 all U8 goals need to meet a
            statewide standard for all games. We have 6 foot 6 inch goals the standard is 6 foot.
●          Provide an update to all coaches on Pepperell Classic on Columbus Weekend
●          August 26th 7pm-8pm coaches meeting for in-town and travel
Referee Update
●          Board voted to fund a recruitment incentive $130 new referees, $20 returning in fall, $40 returning in the spring.
LYSA Update
●          Fundraising night August 26th 4pm to 7pm. Apparel, blankets, umbrellas for sale
●          Looking at selling tiger cards
Coaching Clinic
●          MYSA “G” level class proposed to be offered. Need to secure gym space.    Looking at mid-September time frame.
Next meeting September 3rd 7:30PM Park and Rec Conference Room