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Attention, Coaches and Assistant Coaches of U12, U10, and 2nd-year U8 players:

Please Submit Evaluations

At the conclusion of the Fall 2008 season, the board would like to collect evaluation data on each of your players to help with future team placement decisions.  If this works well, we will collect such data at the end of each season.  As always, the objective is to make optimal team placements for future seasons.  Team placement is determined by multiple factors, primarily objective outside assessments and coach's evaluations.

In the past, there has been limited team movement between Fall and Spring seasons.  When the skill levels are close, it makes sense to keep teams together.  However, there may be cases where a reshuffling of players is called for -- or is unavoidable in programs where we have fewer teams in the Spring than we did in the Fall.  Moreover, some players may take the Spring 2009 season off to play other sports.  By entering evaluation data now, while the Fall 2008 season is still relatively fresh in your mind, you will help the placement process the next time each player registers.

Your Options

You have two options for entering evaluation data: online or spreadsheet.

The online option is something new we are trying.  It takes advantage of a set of "statistics" features on our website which we have previously not used.  The features are not a perfect fit for our needs, but they seem to be the best tool available.  Please send comments about the online evaluation process to Mark Hollinger, .

If you prefer to use a spreadsheet, you can download a blank evaluation form, fill it in, and e-mail it to the appropriate travel director (Tom Carlson or Dale Cotnam).  See the Board of Directors page for their contact information.  Second-year U8 evaluations should be sent to both the boys and the girls travel director, since U8 teams include both genders.

Instructions for Online Evaluation Entry

  1. Go to the www.littletonyouthsoccer.org home page
  2. Click "Admin" on the top menu
  3. Enter your first and last name ("John Smith")
  4. Enter the manager password you were e-mailed
  5. Select Team List -> Contacts on the top menu
  6. Select the "Fall 2008" season
  7. Select your league and team
  8. Select Team List -> Results on the top menu
At this point, you should see a list of your team's games, in reverse chronological order (last game at the top).  If you are the HEAD COACH, please enter your evaluation data for the TOP game (usually 11/08/2008).  Even though you will enter your data into the system as if it applied to that game, you should actually enter cumulative data for the entire season.
If you are the ASSISTANT COACH, enter your evaluation data for the SECOND game listed (usually 11/01/2008).  If you are the SECOND ASSISTANT COACH, enter your data for the THIRD game listed (usually 10/25/2008).  Do not enter any data for the rest of the games.
  1. Click the Sigma character -  - to the right of the appropriate game
  2. You should now see a data entry screen for the entire roster
  3. It is not necessary to fill in the "Position" column
  4. Starting with "ShrtPass", which represents short passing skills, place a number, 1-10, in each box
  5. "NxtSeasn" can be left blank, or enter -1 to suggest moving down a rank, 1 to move up
  6. Click "submit" when done
The table below provides additional information on what each category means and what specific skill level corresponds to particular numeric values in each category.

Category 2 4 6 8
Short passing  can pass 5-10 yards make passes primarily with one foot, occasionally other plays balls easily with either foot plays balls with either foot to teammates consistently
Long passing can kick a ball 10-20+ yards plays balls to receiving player's area finds target players to feet and space intentionally plays multiple types of long balls
Receiving can trap a ball some of the time can receive a ball and negotiate moving it most of time can receive a ball and move it in 2 or 3 touches can receive a ball and move it away from defensive pressure
Shooting can shoot at goal can shoot easily at goal with power can shoot with accuracy and power to score can score with a variety of shots with both feet
Dribbling can complete dribbling course dribbles with comfort but without speed dribbles comfortably through course dribbles quickly and smoothly through course
Attacking can dribble, pass and shoot dribbles, passes and shoots within a small, defined role appropriately dribbles, passes and shoots as position dictates is dangerous on the field in a variety of positions
Defending / Tackling gets between mark and goal occasionally gets goal-side and can win a ball in a tackle some of the time most of the time wins balls from opposition in 1 v 1 battles consistently wins balls from opposition and can distribute
Speed least fast 4 players faster than 4 or so just slower than fastest in fastest 4 players on team
Field Position can recognize that teammates need support  supports players in simple ways, mostly at good angles often supports players at appropriate angle and distance supports players all around field at appropriate time and location
Sportsman-ship Negative interactions with opponents and/or referees Begrudgingly polite to opponents and referees Neutral to opposition Enjoys spirit of game and competition
Endurance Limited physical ability and/or fitness level Can play for periods of time, but needs to come out Can play a half at a time without too much difficulty Never comes out due to high fitness level
  -1 0 1  
Next Season Player should move down a rank Placement was correct Player should move up a rank  


We have intentionally left room for players whose skill levels are "off the chart" at both ends.  Those who do not meet minimum standards in a particular area can be given a 1.  Those who truly excel can be given a 9, or in the most exceptional cases, a perfect 10.

Thanks for your help!