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LYSC 10-1-08 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:33PM
Members Present: Bob Stall, Mike Morey, David Besse, Ian Kersley, Ivan Pagacik, Gerry Cavallo, Patrick Stearns, Tom Carlson
Non-Board Members present:
A vote was taken to accept the minutes from the August meeting.
Treasurer Report
●          Report issued
●          Cash balance as of 9/30/08 $31,594
●          Balance at end of August was incorrect. Actual balance was $35,436
●          No Discussion
Travel Update (Boys)
●          Tom reviewed the flight changes and schedule impacts
●          Tom is looking into setting up an 8 week foot skills clinic
Travel Update (Girls)
●          No Discussion
U8 Update
●          No Discussion
U6 Update
●          Need to update refs on who to turn in game info
●          No issues with games
Pee Wee Update
●          No Discussion
Discussion on possibility of extending the season to November 8th for in-town. Moved and seconded. Unanimously approved.
●          Gerry is making every effort to get refs for those games that changed due to flight moves for teams.

Bob indicated that all coaches need to get a CORI check by November 30th in person at Park and Rec. CORI’s take three weeks before an individual can have any interaction with a kid.
G clinic course went well with 15 attendees, 13 were from Littleton.
Equipment Update
●          No Discussion  
Fields Update
●          No Discussion
General business portion of the meeting ended followed by a presentation by Mass Premier Soccer on services they offer to Towns.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15PM
Next meeting November 5, 2008 7:30PM Park and Rec Conference Room