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LYSC 11-5-08 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:39 PM
Members Present: Bob Stall, Mike Morey, Ian Kersley, Ivan Pagacik, Patrick Stearns, Tom Carlson, Nancy Benullo, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Brownson, Mark Rambacher
Marc O’Meara, Katie Hunt, Gerry Cavallo
Non-Board Members present:
A vote was taken to accept the minutes from the October meeting.
Treasurer Report
●          Report issued
●          Cash balance as of 10/31/08 $15,916
●          Referee Certification fees are increasing next year
●          78 registrations to date. Registrations open for new Boys and Girls U16 and U18
●          Park and Rec will save authorize.net for youth sports even though they are switching to a new Rec software package.
●          Move late fee to start Jan 15th for travel
●          Date for late fee for in town is March 1st
●          Registrations for Boys and Girls U12 and U14 will be capped
●          Mass Youth Soccer will send a letter to Park and Rec indicating that coaches have submitted CORI’s. This will save every coach from going to Park and Rec to fill out a CORI.
Travel Update (Boys)
●          Teams combined won same amount as they lost
●          Goals at Ken White need to be moved back to St Annes. Tom to speak to Pat Goddard
●          Pickup games at Russell Street will continue until ground freezes
●          One incident report
Travel Update (Girls)
●          Looks like one coach not coming back
●          No other updates
U8 Update
●          No issues
U6 Update
●          No issues

Pee Wee Update
●          No issues
●          Discussion to move start time 15 minutes to account for T-Ball
Discussion regarding having an end of season coach meeting. Plan is to have it on Nov 19th for in-town and travel.
Evaluation sheets sent to coaches for completing before the 19th.
●          No updates
Equipment Update
●          Coordinators need to collect equipment for deposit at the shed  
Need to order patches. Katie to send logo to Gerry for ordering.
Discussion of having an “F” course. Need to generate interest first to meet minimum head count. Ian will check on indoor space for an “F” course.  
●          Still selling items. Looking to attend Christmas Bizarre
Fields Update
●          No Discussion
Meeting adjourned at 9:27 PM
Next meeting December 3rd 7:30PM Park and Rec Conference Room