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LYSC 6-3-09 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:42 PM
Members Present: Bob Stall, Ian Kersley, Ivan Pagacik, Patrick Stearns, Dale Cotnam, Tom Carlson, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Brownson, Mark Rambacher, Nancy Benullo, David Besse, Quinn Canfield, Marc O’Meara   
Non-Board Members present: Larry Frisoli, Josh Roffman, Brenda Riordan
Treasurer Report
●          No update from Park and Rec at this time
●          Received a check from the league for last years N-Cup hosting
●          100 registrations so far
●          No high school levels for the fall
●          Added wording on team placement and coach certification
Travel Update (Boys)
●          Hosting N-Cup this Spring, weekend of 20th and 21st
●          League Meeting Sunday the 7th
●          Spring Teams collectively are 6 games above .500
●          Discussion on lining of fields, referee areas and overall equipment needed and logistics        
Travel Update (Girls)
World Cup
●          Need goals moved from Middle School to Russell Street
●          Trophies are ready to go
●          Bob Stall will Emcee
●          Mike Lynn will have sound system working
●          Volunteer list is growing. Need more help with cooking and cleanup
●          Concessions are all set
U8 Update
●          No updates
U6 Update
●          No updates
Pee Wee Update
●          No updates
●          No updates
Equipment Update
●          No updates
●          Assessments are June 9th, 10th and 11th
●          Need parent volunteers to help with coordination
Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM
Annual Board Meeting
Meeting called to order at 8:11 PM
●          General discussion on things that worked during the season
●          U6 and U8 level assessment to help with balancing teams
●          Election of officers
President                      Patrick Stearns
Vice President              Gary Austin
Travel Director Boys    Mark Rambaucher
Travel Director Girls     Josh Roffman
In-Town Director         Marc O’Meara                                    
Treasurer                      Bob Stall
Secretary                      Ivan Pagacik
Booster Director          
NVYSL Rep                Tom Carlson
Pee Wee Director         Marc O’Meara
U6 Director                  Larry Frisoli
U8 Director                  Ian Kersley
Webmaster/Registar     Mark Hollinger
Equipment Manager      David Besse
Referee Director                      
Field Coordinator         Quinn Canfield
Concession Coordinator Cheryl Cowley Hollinger       
Coach Development     Jenna Brownson
Player Development      Brenda Riordan
Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM