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LYSC 8-5-09 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM
Members Present: Bob Stall, Ian Kersley, Ivan Pagacik, Patrick Stearns, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Brownson, Mark Rambacher, David Besse, Josh Roffman, Larry Frisoli, Brenda Riordan, Cheryl Cowley, Marc O’Meara, Gary Austin   
Non-Board Members present:  
Treasurer Report
●          Balance of $35,128 on 6/30/09
●          Lost $3,290 for the year
●          Equipment cost was up due to uniform increases
●          Close registrations for everything except U10, U8 and U6
●          510 overall registrations
Travel Update (Boys)
●          Rosters are put together
●          U14 30 registrations 2 teams
●          U12 44 registrations 4 teams
●          U10 62 registrations 6 teams
●          Rosters due Aug 25th
Travel Update (Girls)
●          U14 41 registrations 3 teams
●          U12 44 registrations 3 teams
●          U10 56 registrations 5 teams (expecting one more registration)
U8 Update
●          116 registrations
4 first grade teams, 8 second grade teams
4 coaches right now for 1st grade
U6 Update
●          50 registrations
            6 teams 
Pee Wee Update
●          68 registrations
●          expect over 70
●          Plan on 10 teams
●          Have enough coaches
Teams submitted to league as well as numbers and placement
League meeting is the 30th of August
●          No updates
Equipment Update
●          Travel shirts all set
●          Will order in-town shirts
●          May need to order equipment
●          At some point look to move to new tiger logo for in-town shirts
            Look at starting to order for Spring 2010
●          Gary Austin to be Booster Director
●          Gary to inventory what we had ordered
●          Magnets ordered and waiting to be delivered
●          Tents will be purchased
●          Need to figure out if we need to order patches
Fields to be lined as in the Spring
New Business
Coaches meeting on Aug 19th, Multipurpose Room
In-town at 8:00
Travel at 7:00
Bob Stall to look at options for having separate booster account. Bob to report back at next meeting.
Coach Certifications
Ian made a motion to mandate that as of Fall 2010 all first year U10 coaches have an “F” license before their second season (Spring 2011)
Motion passes 8-5
Coaching Approvals
Pee Wee coaches were approved
U6 coaches were approved
U8 coaches were approved
Travel girls were approved
Travel boys were approved
Next meeting Sept 2nd
Meeting adjourned at 10:36 PM