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LYSC 10-7-09 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM

Members Present: Bob Stall, Ian Kersley, Patrick Stearns, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Brownson, David Besse, Josh Roffman, Brenda Riordan, Gary Austin, Tom Carlson, Quinn Canfield, Marc O’Meara, Jeff Rossman

Non-Board Members present:

Treasurer Report

  • Balance of $35,630 on 9/16/09

  • Fall season lost about $10K but spring should turn a profit

  • Probably will lose between $3K to $5K for the year

  • New bank account was opened that will provide the ability to cut checks

  • Gary to contact Rich at LYSA (to discuss putting funds in the account)


  • There have already been two rainouts and Marc is considering extending the season

  • Last week of the season (11/7) there is a football tournament (using the football field)

  • Quinn to determine if the high school field is available


  • There was a 20-3 blow-out that Larry contacted coaches to remind them of the 6 goal policy

  • Parent complaint about a child being asked to move teams after the season began to accommodate a late sign-up


  • First couple weeks there were some uneven games but it has been better over the past couple of weeks

  • One child has quit their team due to personality conflicts and will likely be moved to another team

  • One issue with a single ref calling a game due to the weather while the others continued on (not the correct decision)

  • Bob will follow-up with referees on the rain cancellation policy once a game has begun


  • First and second week was better than .500

  • Third and fourth week was better than 2 to 1

  • There was one complaint regarding placement, where a U10 girl was playing on the GU10B team as a 3rd grader stayed on the GU10B team (and was ‘overlooked’) as the GU10C team from the prior year (3rd graders) became the GU10A


  • 4 request with 2 (maybe 3) request being filled

    • BU10E will be moving

    • BU12B will not be moving up

    • BU14B (Rambacher) and another team (Clinton) both trying to move up but there is only space for one

    • GU10C may move, Christine (coordinator) may have found an option

  • Tom points out that all travel teams should always play all teams on the schedule before the half way point

  • Marc asked if we are placing the travel teams high enough and should we place teams higher and move them down if needed

  • Discussion about the importance of assigning the players to the appropriate teams independent of who is coaching

    • Need to consider spending the money on independent assessments


  • Revolution tickets sales up to about $1,000 



  • The goal tie downs/stakes have been given to coaches and are being used

  • Dave has replaced many of the clips holding down the nets at the travel fields

  • Dave is still looking at tents, need to make sure whoever takes a tent out for their game is responsible for it being put back into the shed


  • Some rescheduling so far but may need to do some rescheduling based on teams that are moving

  • Pat will continue to make the decision on calling off in-town games

  • There was a conflict this week with the girls middle school team on Tuesday night, the schedule for the middle school can be found on the school website

Snack Shack

  • On target to make $1,500 - $1,600

  • Need to make sure the switch for motion sensor light in the snack shed is kept on

  • List of who is covering the snack shack complete with Cheryl and Jeff’s contact numbers are posted…had an issue last week where one game wasn’t being staffed. 


  • Holiday Bazaar in December (spot reserved)

  • Magnet sales are going great


  • Six people took the ‘G Course’ last week

  • Jenna has checked for space for the ‘E’ and ‘F’ course

  • Brenda working to coordinate a foot skills clinic

New Business

Coaches Assessments

  • Discussion about whether a general survey including feedback about the coach, LYSC, etc makes sense.

  • Agreement that this will be tabled for now

Late Registrants

  • Pat: Need a way to get control over late registrants. Pick a deadline, set the numbers low, and then everyone goes on a waiting list.

    • U6 example:

      • In August had 50 registrants and 6 teams

      • Should have said accept 8 teams of 6 which would have allowed room to handle the late sign-ups (this fall there were 9 late sign-ups…which would have been handled by this)

  • No Peewee team fewer than 5 (upper limit is 7)

  • No U6 team fewer than 6 (upper limit is 8)

  • No U8 team fewer than 8 (upper limit is 10)

  • Quinn: As a late registrant, parents cannot ask for specific placement

  • November 1st – December 31st will be the registration deadline for travel

Constitution and Policies

  • Deferred

LYS Payment Account

  • Deferred

Next meeting November 4th

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM