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LYSC 11-4-09 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:33 PM

Members Present: Bob Stall, Ian Kersley, Patrick Stearns, Mark Hollinger, Jenna Brownson, David Besse, Gary Austin, Quinn Canfield, Marc O’Meara, Josh Roffman, Mark Rambacher, Ivan Pagacik, Larry Frisoli, Cheryl Cowley


Non-Board Members present:


Treasurer Report
  • Balance of $17,444 on 11/04/09
  • Expenses around $22K, a little more than anticipated. Increased costs on uniforms for Fall
  • Will start to make up for extra expenses this Spring

  • Season extended to 11/14
  • Successful Fall season for Pee Wee's

  • Season extended to 11/14
  • No issues to report

  • No issues with first grade teams other than a little imbalance that will be addressed in the Spring
  • No issues for second grade teams
  • Coaches to fill out player evaluations for second grade teams

  • Overall record of travel teams was 62-78
  • No issues other than a few U12 boys team complaints


No report


  • Discussion of capping numbers for travel teams
  • Coaches to poll kids to determine if they will play in the spring
  • Plan to revisit at the December meeting


  • May be short referees on the afternoon of November 7th. Bob Stall to look at.

  • No issues

  • Quinn needs travel schedule for the Spring
  • Remind coaches to tell parents not to bring dogs to fields

Snack Shack
  • On target to net $1,165 for the Fall season


  • Holiday Bazaar in December (No spot available)
  • Magnet sales continuing

  • E course scheduled Nov 10,17,24 and Dec 1
  • F course scheduled Feb 24, Mar 3


New Business

Player Assessments
  • Assessments will be called tryouts starting in 2010
  • Board voted to perform tryouts with in-house personnel rather than paying an outside organization


Constitution and Policies
  • Deferred

Next meeting December 2nd


Meeting adjourned at 9:54 PM