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March 3rd Meeting Minutes
Members present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Mark Hollinger, Mark Rambacher, Marc O'Meara, Larry Frisoli, Ian Kersley, Bob Stall, David Besse, Quinn Canfield, Jenna Brownson,

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:35.
February Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.
Treasurers Report
Nothing to report this month.
In Town Report
Pee Wee – Cap @ 98 players – currently 86 registered – there will be 14 teams up to 7 players per team. Order 16 uniforms (7 per team).   As of now there are 13 head coaches and are short 5 assistants. Contact HS students to help coach
U6 - Cap @ 48 players – currently 39 registered – there will be 6 teams up to 8 players per team. Order 8 uniforms (8 per team).  
U8 - Cap @ 106 players – currently 105 registered (63 2nd grade;42 1st grade) – there will be 12 teams up to 8 players per team 2nd grade and 10-11 players per team 1st grade. Order 14 uniforms (11 per team).   As of now short 1 1st grade head coach. 
Travel Report
Rosters due by 3-14
Girls short 1 U 10 assistant coach all other coaches returning
Boys U10 went from 6 to5 teams
Boys U12 reduced by 1 team
Boys U 14 might have additional players added from Harvard
NVYSL Report
Nothing to report this month.
Registration overall good approximately 500 players signed up. Travel programs are closed.  In town still open with late fees to be applied. Travel coaches names have been submitted to MYSA. Dual CORI’s needed for season MYSA and town. In town coaches names have not been submitted yet.
Currently there are enough referees (20+ grade 9 refs and 11 grade 8 refs). A pre season meeting will be held for grade 9 referees.
Number of In town teams needed to order shirts:
Pee Wee – Cap @ 98 players - Order 16 uniforms (7players per team).  
U6 - Cap @ 48 players - Order 8 uniforms (8 players per team).  
U8 - Cap @ 106 players – Order 14 uniforms (11 players per team).  
Nets looked ok at the end of last season will be reviewed again as they are installed and noted if new ones are needed
Quinn will call games due to rain for all teams
Littleton Hosting F coaches courses 3/11 & 3/18 from 6-10 at Russell St. School. Currently only 10 people registered. Jenna emailed registrants about precourse work and advise surrounding towns of the course.
New Business
Coaches Meeting
Wednesday 3/10 is the Coaches meeting at the Multi-Purpose Room at the Littleton Town Hall. It goes from 8-9pm. Coaches can pick up their equipment bags and get information important for the season. Team shirts will not be available then.
Pictures will be 4/3 from 10-2 at the Multi-Purpose Room at the Littleton Town Hall
Park & Rec would like to begin doing CORI checks again on all the soccer coaches.   Coordinators please check on your coaches CORI’s
Tryout Planning
Tryouts will be held on two nights:
U10 – 5/24 & 5/25
U12 – 5/26 & 5/27
U14 – tryouts to be held in late spring so as not to interfere with spring sports and tournaments
Meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM
Next meeting April 7th