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April 7th Meeting Minutes
Members present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Mark Hollinger, Mark Rambacher, Marc O'Meara, Larry Frisoli, Ian Kersley, Bob Stall, David Besse, Quinn Canfield, Jenna Brownson, Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:37.

March Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report
Current net loss through 3/31($1738.00),net for the year should be slightly above the breakeven point. Fundraising account balance is $12831.00.    Need to review to see if the fees for the website have been paid
In Town Report
Pee Wee – A letter of regret needs to be sent to parents of children on the waiting list as all teams    are full
U6 – There will be 6 U6 teams
U8 – Nothing new
Travel Report
League meeting was held last week and everything is set for the season

NVYSL Report
Nothing to report this month.

In town registration was closed on 4/1. One question that arises due to a lot of last minute sign ups is can we improve the pre registration process
Added 5 new grade 9 referees and lost 1. Six grade 9’s referees moved to grade 8 and we added an additional grade 8 referee. There are currently 40 referees for the season. A pre season meeting was held for in town referees with a Q+A follow up.

Equipment has been given to all coaches. Nets are all up. Some nets are in need of repairs. Two new nets are in and need to look to order more U10 nets. Some of the U10 nets need side clips.
Snack Shack
The shack is partially stocked and the refrigerator has been turned on and it will be ready to go for Saturday’s opening games. So far we have only received a 50% response on support for working the snack shack.
There are no soccer fields lined, also the football field is not lined. Lacrosse is lined and is running parallel to the trees.  Can the lacrosse field be re lined similar to how field hockey was lined in the fall?  If lacrosse has practice Saturday mornings, there will be 3 U8 games on the track fields and 3 on the football field.
Eight soccer practice fields are needed and 3 sets of nets will need to be moved to the football field. Need 16 sets of nets at Russell St, currently there are 14 sets there. Need 1 set moved from St Anne’s and 1 from Shaker. There are 2 nets at St Anne’s and 2 at Koerper. 
In town games will be called by 7:30 in the event of rain by Quinn.
Nothing new to report

New Business
Revolution Rep
Tim from the New England Revolution came and spoke about the youth soccer partnership. The way the program works is Littleton youth soccer supports the Revolution through purchasing 1 of 3 different ticket packages in return for player/coach/referee development sessions as well as limited on field access at games and community appearances
Constitution Update
Bob Stall and Pat Stearns are reformatting the constitution and will email the document in the next couple of weeks highlighting changes. They will create a handbook that will have all the policies, positions and duties of the board and that will be posted on the website.
U10 – 5/24 & 5/25      5:30- 7:00       Russell Street Fields
Current 2nd year U8’s and 1st year U10’s are required to attend. The groups will be separated by gender and age level. U10’s are placed on teams with kids at the same age level and ability
U12 – 5/26 & 5/27      5:30- 7:00       Russell Street Fields
Current 2nd year U10’s and 1st year U12’s are required to attend. The groups will be separated by gender only. U12’s are placed on teams based on ability
U14 – 6/7                    5:30- 7:00       Koerper Field
Current 2nd year U12’s and 1st year U14’s are required to attend. The groups will be separated by gender only. U14’s are placed on teams based on ability
Sign in for each night will occur 30 minutes prior to the start of tryouts and check out will proceed as soon as the coaches are done
Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM
Next meeting May 5th