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 May 5th Meeting Minutes
Members present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Mark Hollinger, Mark Rambacher, Marc O'Meara, Larry Frisoli, Ian Kersley, David Besse, Brenda Riordan, Tom Carlson, Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:50.

April Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report
No park and rec entries since last meeting. Picked up a check for the fall ref/coach reimbursements to the tune of $5,794.00. Now show a loss for the year of $7,523 in the P&R account and a "profit" in our Middlesex account of $6,547 for a net loss of $976.00

There will be some expenses coming for the spring that have not made it through the system yet and then a revenue bump for the May registrations. There may not be much of a change in the final P/L by the end of June.

Total cash available:

Operating cash at Park and Rec = $26,342 "Uniform" cash at Park and Rec = $ 5,531
Operating cash at Middlesex = $ 6,547

Total operating cash available = $38,420 Fund raising cash at Middlesex = $12,078

Total Cash = $50,498

Netted $311 form pictures

In Town Report

Pee Wee– No problems to report. A letter of regret was sent to parents of children on the waiting list who couldn’t be accommodated

U6– Few complaints received on the rough play of the black team

U8 – Only 1 complaint of the small number of players on teams

Travel Report

Season going well so far. April vacation a lot cancellations, league requires 10 day notice before cancelling any games. One girl is requesting to be placed on a boy’s team next year. Need to review league policy. If there is a girl’s team do they need to play on that team?

NVYSL Report
Town rep. not receiving notifications on league meetings need a note sent to league requesting notification of meetings.

Need to open fall registration and send out notification that registration is open. Fall registration to close June 30thexcept Pee Wee’s that will close July 31st.

No major issues - 46 referees this spring. 23 grade 8 and 23 grade 9. No HS seniors so this number should grow for next year. 5 new refs this spring (1 grd 8 and 4 grd 9).

First half payments are in the system ($3,901) and this will be paid when approved by Gary or Pat. This includes all bonuses for new/returning refs and league meetings. Expected expense for the second half of the season will be approximately $1,100.

Only complaint is of the poor quality of the travel team socks

Snack Shack

Have netted ~ $670 so far this season


No practice on fields Friday 5/21 due to walk for life and Friday 6/4 due to graduation, Other than that there are no issues to report.

Jenna to send reminder out about G and F coaching courses

Player Dev.
Have information on local summer soccer camps and programs posted on Littleton soccer website.

New Business
The annual general meeting will be held at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 

Constitution Update
Constitution proposal was sent out. Please review and send comments to Bob and / or Pat in the next week. Constitution will be posted on Littleton soccer website.

Volunteers needed to help set up and organize tryouts. U10 and U12 nights need to be changed

U12– 5/24 & 5/25 5:30- 7:00 Russell Street Fields
Current 2ndyear U10’s and 1styear U12’s are required to attend. The groups will be separated by gender only. U12’s are placed on teams based on ability

U10– 5/26 & 5/27 5:30- 7:00 Russell Street Fields
Current 2ndyear U8’s and 1styear U10’s are required to attend. The groups will be separated by gender and age level. U10’s are placed on teams with kids at the same age level and ability

U14– 6/7 & 6/8 5:30- 7:00 Koerper Field
Current 2ndyear U12’s and 1styear U14’s are required to attend. The groups will be separated by gender only. U14’s are placed on teams based on ability

Sign in for each night will occur 30 minutes prior to the start of tryouts and check out will proceed as soon as the coaches are done

League asking for towns to host NCUP playoff games on Saturday 6/19. Is Littleton interested in hosting?
A note is to be sent out about World Cup looking for volunteers to help out also countries theme will be assigned. Trophies need to be ordered as well as a plaque for Donelan’s.
Post notification on Littleton Soccer night at the New England Revolution June 27thon the website.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM

Next meeting June 2nd