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November 3rd Meeting Minutes

Members present: Pat Stearns, Bob Stall, Tom Carlson, Larry Frisoli, Ian Kersley, Dave Kiley, Gerry Portante, Kathleen Cochran, Brenda Riordan, Gary Austin, and Mark Hollinger

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:35.

October Minutes

The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report

Balance of $25747.80 in the town account, and approximately $14k in the booster account

In Town Report

Pee Wee – everything going well no problems or complaints

U6 – Teams will need to be re balanced in the spring there was one team that was weak

U8 – no problems. Looking to establish six 2nd year U8 teams in the spring


Travel Report

Boy’s season went well, however there was one boys U10 team without a win

Girl’s season went well; there were 2 girls’ teams that were moved up. Two parents requested that their children be moved up in the spring, this will need to be reviewed


Spring registration is ongoing and it will need to close by December 31st for travel teams and March 1st for in town teams.


There have been difficulties getting feedback from the league about game rescheduling. One of the teams played Hudson 3 consecutive weeks


Equipment will be picked up from the fields the Sunday after the season ends

Snack Shack

Overall did well however there were difficulties in finding volunteers to staff it

Player/Coach Development

Nothing to Report


A table for the Holiday Bazaar has been reserved, which is December 4th.


Two of our referees missed games, 1 was in town the other travel other than that things went well. The next referee training will occur over the winter and the applicant needs to be 12 by April 1st. More information can be found at massref.net

Other items:

P & R Financial Plan/Statement – P & R is asking for a written document explaining the large amount of dollars in the account and what the monies are for, i.e. monies are earmarked for uniforms etc. What is the 5 yr plan?

St Anne’s field: Need to review having the sod replaced at the field


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

Next meeting December 1st