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January 5th Meeting Minutes
Members present: Pat Stearns, Bob Stall,Mark O’Meara, Larry Frisoli, David Besse, Jenna Brownson, Ian Kersley, Dave Kiley, Gerry Portante, Kathleen Cochran,Brenda Riordan, Gary Austin,Tom Carlson, and Mark Hollinger

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:30.

December Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report
Balance of approximately $39k in the town account, and approximately $19k in the booster account
Total Registrations for Spring Soccer is 422 participants
Registrations for in town teams are as follows:
Pee Wee - 41 players are registered
U6 - 35 players are registered
U8 – 52 players are registered
Travel Report
Registration numbers for the travel teams are as follows:
U10- 43 players registered - Capped 44 – (4 teams 11 players)
U12- 38 players registered– Capped 45- (3 teams 15 players)
U14- 22 players registered - Capped 18- (1 team 18 players) – 2 options: 1st option 4 players wait listed looking at other towns to see if there are openings on their teams.   2nd option offer the 4 players that are wait listed, @ no charge,  a chance to practice and possibly play in games where there is an absence of other players
U18 - 26 players registered - Capped 18- (1 team 18 players) – 8 players wait listed – Ayer has 6 openings available
U10- 46 players registered – Capped 55 - (5 teams 9 players) – registration to be reopened and capped at 55players
U12- 51 players registered – Capped 60 - (4 teams 15 players) – registration to be re opened and capped at 60 players
U14- 44 players registered - Capped 36- (2 teams 18 players) – 8 players wait listed –Ayer /Shirley has 5 openings; can also offer 2 of the younger players a chance to play down to U12.  3rd option is to see if 5 of younger players move down to U12 and 3 of the 2nd year players get a waiver and add them to the “B” team
U18 - 24 players registered - Capped 18- (1 team 18 players) – 6 players wait listed

Email to be sent out to referees to have them be recertified

Nothing to Report

Nothing to Report

Coach Development
A note to be sent out to coaches who have G license to have them obtain an F license.  See if we can set up a course in Littleton for F license.

Other items:
HS Tryouts: Pat to arrange schedule time for tryouts.
Review of preliminary LSC 2011 Spring Calendar this will be finalized next month.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM
Next meeting (later rescheduled to) February 9th