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June 1st Meeting Minutes
Members present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Dave Besse, Tom Carlson,Marc O'Meara, Ian Kersley, Bob Stall, Brenda Riordan,Gerry Portante, Kathleen Cochran,Jenna Brownson, and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:30.

May Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.
Bank authorization needs to be re instated as there has been no activity for six months.  There is 23k in the parks and recreation account
In Town Report
Pee Wee–Nothing new to report.
U6– One coach was suspended for the last game (misconduct) instructed players to elbow the other team
U8 – One complaint from a 2nd year coach about the teams being unbalanced   
Travel Report
Boys– Mid flight adjustments were made having some positive results for those teams.
One issue is that not all the U18 scores were reported which prohibits other teams to know the standings
Girls– One game reschedule due to club soccer tournament; other than that no other issues
NVYSL Report
Nothing new to report

In- town registrations for upcoming fall season
PW (9)
U6 (15)
U8 (23)
Travel Registrations for upcoming fall season

            U10 (29)
            U12 (12)
            U14 (9)
            U10 (18)
            U12 (32)
            U14 (20)
No U18 signups for boys
(3) U18 signups for girls

Nothing new to report

Working on purchasing a set of nets and frames for the high school it is approximately a 1 week delivery

Snack Shack
Slow year to date; Still reviewing the option of siding the building, Tom Proulx has siding he is willing to donate to the effort.
Coaches Development
14 coaches participated in the “F” course; 9 of those were from Littleton

New Business

PW/U6- it was approved to use BEST Soccer for this program.  The cost will be $3125.00 per season which will consist of (2) nights during the week each night 1½ hours.  There would be 1 hour spent with the players and ½ hour each night spent with the coaches.  Saturday will consist of 2 hours; 1 hour each for PW’s and 1 hour for U6 players

World Cup
  • It has been slow getting volunteers signed up
  • Biggest issue is there is no one to run the skills competition which will run from 10:30 – 12:00
  • Another port a  potty is needed by the track
Annual meeting Results

Elected Positions
  • President – Pat Stearns
  • Vice-President – Gary Austin
  • Treasurer – Peter Lloyd
  • Secretary – Dave Kiley
  • Travel Director – Ian Kersley
  • Registrar – Mark Hollinger
  • Pee Wee Coordinator – Steve Bast
  • U6 Coordinator – Position Open
  • U8 Coordinator – Mark O’Meara
Appointed Positions
  • Travel Program Director Girls – Brenda Riordan
  • Travel Program Director Boys - Ian Kersley
  • In-Town Referee Coordinator – Tommy Proulx
  • Travel Referee Coordinator – Bob Stall
  • Equipment Director – Dave Besse
  • Field Coordinator – Quinn Canfield
  • NVYSL Representative – Mark Hollinger
  • Player Development Coordinator – Open Position
  • Coaching Development – Jenna Koerper Brownson
  • Booster Director – Kathleen Cochran
  • Concessions – Open Position
One proposal came forth from the meeting requesting a committee be set to review the constitution and which positions are allowed voting privileges.  Can an appointed position have voting rights?
This needs to reviewed and voted on at the next Annual General Meeting
Meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM
Next meeting July 6th