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August 3rd Meeting Minutes

Members present: Gary Austin, Mark Hollinger, Quinn Canfield, Dave Besse, Marc O'Meara, Ian Kersley, Bob Stall, Brenda Riordan, Tommy Proulx, Kathleen Cochran, Jenna Brownson, and Dave Kiley

Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:35.

July Minutes

The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.



Not discussed


In Town Report

Pee Wee – Not discussed

U6 – Not discussed

U8 – 1st year U8 has 55 players. There will be 6 teams each consisting of 9-10 players. The 2nd year U8 has 49 players again there will be 6 teams each consisting of 8-9 players . Coaches are all set for both 1st and 2nd year teams


Two in town coach’s issues from the spring need to answer whether they should be allowed to coach again this season.

1st issue is coach yelling at referees – board allowed him to coach again knowing that he has been warned

2nd issue coach was suspended for telling players to elbow other player – ok to coach as suspension was already served

Any addition infractions by either coach will lead to further disciplinary action by the board


Travel Report


All coaches have been asked for CORI’s


Boys – Coaches and rosters for boys are all set

U10- 57 players (6 teams) 3 teams with same aged players and 3 teams mixed ages

U12-32 players (3 U 12 players moved to U14)

U14- 26 players



U10- 49 players (5 teams) still need 1coach

U12-51 players (4 teams) 3 teams of 13 players 1 team of 12 players

U14- 31 players (2 teams) 1 team of 16 players 1 team of 15 players


NVYSL Report


U10 and new coaches there is a mandatory league meeting on 8/28. NVYSL wants all coaches licensed. Littleton is one of 8 NVYSL towns participating in a pilot program for electronic roster submission and approval


See travel and in town comments above


Looking to get more Grade 8 referees involved as well as some adult referees to mentor the younger referees.


Dave Besse has the number of U8 soccer shirts needed to order for fall season. Dave will also order 40 shirts for the PW’s and U6 age group.


Coaches Development

Looking to see if we can get coaches certified as grade 8 referees. Possibly a course can be offered in Littleton (20-30 coaches) to give coaches a referee’s perspective of the game as well ashaving the coaches learn the game rules.

New Business

Coaches Meeting – Gary will bring copies of CORI forms to coaches meeting August 17th (travel @ 7pm; in town @ 8pm). All coaches need to be CORI’d again this year.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Next meeting September 7th