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October 5th Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Mark Hollinger, Quinn Canfield, Dave Besse, Marc O'Meara, Ian Kersley, Tommy Proulx, Steve Bast, Peter Lloyd, Kathleen Cochran, Jenna Brownson, and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:40.

September Minutes

The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.
The Park and Rec. operating funds are approximately $26.9k.  There is $15.9k in the booster account.         Bill for NVYSL is still due in the amount of $5k
            Need $25 check from Booster account for the purchase of cooler for the snack shack
An Eagle scout project of re-siding the snack shack is still being reviewed as of now it appears the cost for materials will run ~ $1800.00
In Town Report
Academy – Good feedback from both coaches and parents.  One suggestion is that player be broken into teams prior to participating in the academy this would allow for some team connection between players and coaches. 
BEST soccer will host the last weekday practices the week of October 11th and 12th they will continue on Saturdays through the November 5th weekend.  The Academy soccer to continue weekday practices after October 12th they will need equipment (Pugg nets, cones and pinnies).
During the winter months need to review both the costs and format of Best soccer
U8 – All games have been fairly balance to date
Travel Report
Boys – Seasons going well there were a few flight adjustments and 1 request for the rescheduling of a game.
Girls – Not discussed
NVYSL Report
The last games for the season will take place November 5th.  All league moves were granted which caused scheduling conflict for boys U14 A and B teams as to which home fields will be used.  It was decided that the B team who was originally scheduled at Koerper will play there and the A team will play at Russell St.

Final affiliation is due to NVYSL.  U14 and High School will have no caps; there will be tryouts if needed and all players will prepay and if necessary a refund will be made


Due to the amount of in town referees (17) may referees have only officiated 1 game thus far.  In an effort to get them more time one option is to offer to other towns who may be in need of referees their services another option approved by the board is using A/R for the U10 games thus giving more time for the in town referees.


Concerns were aired about the closure of the fields due to poor weather.  Questions arose as to who makes the decision to close the fields.  This decision is made by the highway department and the closure is posted on the parks and rec’s website.
Coaches Development
Look at hosting another “F” courses for coaches in January.  A list of Academy coaches is need to send them a notice to obtain their G licenses
Finishing conducting inventory and sorting material, tables will be set up at the Russell St fields to sell merchandise.
Snack Shack
During the 1st 3 weeks of the season the snack shack has made $532 and sold 276 pairs of soccer sock raising a total of $808.  They are in need of more booster merchandise for the shack.
Water lines will be run to the snack shack in the fall and are looking for the board to put together a proposal to install lights at Koerper field asking for a possible $10k donation from Littleton soccer.
Meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM
Next meeting October 9th