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December 7th Meeting Minutes

Members present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Bob Stall, Mark Hollinger, Dave Besse, Marc O'Meara, Tommy Proulx, Steve Bast, Peter Lloyd, Kathleen Cochran, Annemarie Gaebel, Jenna Brownson, and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:30.

November Minutes

The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.


Current account information was not available at the time of the meeting.

There is $12.6k in the booster account.
Bill for Referees is still owed in the amount of $4k

In Town Report

Academy – See below

U8 – Nothing to report

Travel Report

Boys – Not discussed

Girls – Not discussed

NVYSL Report

League meeting to be held on December 11th; however there is not much going on as of yet. Feedback from the fall as far as on line rosters is that it was received well however the system (Sports Manager) is not as secure as desired.


Registration numbers at the moment for the spring season are as follows:


Pee Wee- 21 players registered
U6 – 15 players registered
U7 – 17 players registered
U6 – 16 players registered


U10 - 15 players registered
U12 - 15 players registered
U14 - 11 players registered
U18 - 17 players registered


U10 - 19 players registered
U12 - 37 players registered
U14 - 18 players registered
U18 - 24 players registered


A note has been sent to all referees to be re certified.
There are 58 referees, with 35 being grade 9 and this has proved difficult in getting all the referees enough game time. One proposal is the question of if there should be A/R’s at U10 games to get the grade 9 referees more experience. This is to be revisited at the January meeting.

Coaches Development

Littleton is hosting another “F” courses for coaches in on March 1st and 8th.


Holiday Bazaar raised $780.00

Other items:

Academy Spring Planning

Some feedback from the fall from the U6 age group was that the practices during the weekdays were good, but many parents would rather have pre defined teams for Saturdays with a set coach. Another item that was brought forward was the logistic problem with kids especially at the end of Saturday sessions. There were far too many kids just leaving and there was no accountability one resolution is having parents sign them in and out of these sessions.
In the spring it was decides to have BEST soccer there for the full 8 weeks and that one suggestion asks that they provide the drills to be conducted prior to the season beginning to help coaches become familiar with the drills.

Some other concerns were that the PW age group needs to be more structured similar to the U6 group in that both players and coaches need to have more time one to one time with the BEST coaches. Another concern was the attrition with in town coaches during the season possibly because they were not connected with a specific team and it was felt that others could fill their absence.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 PM

Next meeting January 4th