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April 4th Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Dave Besse, Gary Austin, Bob Stall, Marc O'Meara, Mark Hollinger, Tommy Proulx, Peter Lloyd, Annemarie Gaebel, Jenna Brownson, and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:40.

March Minutes

None Available
The Park and Rec. operating funds are approximately $32k.  There is $9k in the booster account.    
In Town Report

There will be a meeting on Monday April 9th for the BEST coaches to review the practices plans with the academy coaches
Peewee 72 players – ready to go
U6 41 players – 5 teams of 7 players; 1 team of 6 players
U7 51 players– 3 teams of 9 players; 3 teams of 6 players these teams will play 10 minute quarters
U8 44 players– 4 teams of 11 players these teams will play 12 minute quarters.  The U8 program is full.  There was 1 player wait listed they will be given the opportunity to play down at the U7 level.
Travel Report
There was nothing to report
Not much has happened to date.  One player in each the U14 and U18 teams dropped out but were replaced by people on the wait list
NVYSL Report
Nothing to Report

A few players dropped out of the U10 age bracket other than that nothing else to report.
Mark will send out the emergency list roster to the coaches


Still awaiting 2nd year U8 shirts.  The shirts needed to be ordered again due to the large size of these teams.  Ice packs are still on order and should be in before the beginning of the season.  The nets will be installed between April 6th and April 8th.

There are 5 new in town referees which bring the total to 21 in town refs.
Snack Shack
Still working out the schedule of who will man the snack shack but it will be ready to go for the season
Other items:

Picture Day
Changed from April 21st to May 12th

World Cup
To be held June 16th

No games Memorial Day Weekend

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM
Next meeting May 2nd