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June 6th Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Dave Besse, Ian Kersley, Brenda Riordan, Gary Austin, Bob Stall, Marc O'Meara, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Tommy Proulx, Peter Lloyd, Quinn Canfield, Jenna Brownson, Kathleen Cochran and Dave Kiley
Others present: James Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy, Kelly Gruber, Andrea Hill, Mike Levasseur, Rob Ashworth, Tracey Ashworth, John Collins, Melissa Kosinski-Collins, Todd Riordan, Rob Brownson, Jen Tute, Colleen Stearns, Scott Glorioso, Tim Simpson, Mike Gearty, Steve Reedy,Mike Rassizs and Tom Carlson

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:37.

May Minutes

The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously

The Park and Rec. operating funds are approximately $20k.  There is $10k in the booster account. 
All referee payments are current through April 28th.  There is one more payment left to be made that will cover everything through the World Cup event.       
There is still a bill to be submitted for the shed completion to include painting, trim etc.
From picture day we are reimbursed $2/packet and we received in total $550 back
There will be approximately a $9k-$10k deficit this year.  The majority of that is due the addition of the Best soccer program.  The board needs to review raising registration going forward.  This will need to be decided before spring registration
In Town Report
PW Academy

Nothing discussed other than parents enjoy the format better with a team environment, and the coaches would like more instruction prior to the practices

U6 Academy   
U8        Last game 6/16 - World Cup
Travel Report
Five games to be made up 2U10, 2U12 and 1 U14
There will be 2 tournament games and there is 1 U10 game to be made up
NVYSL Report
The TenCup tournament is coming up 6/16.  There will be 3 games each 40 minutes long.

Registration is open to all players for the fall season.  Currently in town registration is light.

For future evaluations we need to be clearer on the wording as there seems to be some confusion around it.  Are both nights required or not? and are they tryouts or evaluations?
Another request is to look at having an extra coach around during evaluation nights to explain to parents and players the expectations around the event.
Final payments for referees will be submitted after World Cup.
A/R program for the U10’s seems to be working out well

Other items:

World Cup
To be held June 16th still looking for help coordinating transportation from the shed to Russell St.  Volunteers are still needed for Grill and food service.

Koerper Maintenance
Some areas of the field are in need of repair.  Need to speak with P&R about getting work done on the field.

Make up tryouts are as follows
U12 – Wednesday 6/20
U14 Monday and Tuesday 6/18 and 6/19
Annual General Meeting Election Results
Elected Positions
·         President – Pat Stearns
·         Vice-President – Gary Austin
·         Treasurer – Peter Lloyd
·         Secretary – Dave Kiley
·         Travel Director – Brenda Riordan
·         Registrar – Mark Hollinger
·         Pee Wee Coordinator – Annemarie Gaebel
·         U6 Coordinator – Steve Bast
·         U8 Coordinator – Marc O’Meara

Appointed Positions
·         In-Town Referee Coordinator – Tommy Proulx
·         Travel Referee Coordinator – Bob Stall
·         Equipment Director – Dave Besse
·         Field Coordinator – Quinn Canfield
·         NVYSL Representative – Mark Hollinger
·         Player Development Coordinator – Mike Levasseur
·         Coaching Development – Jenna Koerper Brownson
·         Booster Director – open position
·         Concessions – Cheryl Hollinger
Meeting adjourned at 10:47 PM
Next meeting July 11th