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July 11th Meeting Minutes
Members present:  Pat Stearns, Dave Besse, Brenda Riordan, Bob Stall, Marc O'Meara, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Annemarie Gaebel, Mike Levasseur, Steve Bast, Peter Lloyd, Quinn Canfield, Jenna Brownson, and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:35.

June Minutes

The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously

The Park and Rec. operating funds are approximately $18.5k.  There is $7700.00 in the booster account. 
 The board needs to review raising registration going forward.  This will need to be decided before spring registration
The field fees in the amount of $13.1k are due 7/1.  Pat to review to see if we are paying for the use of the track field or not due to the field not being available due to the track construction.
In Town Report
Pee Wee –19 players registered
U6 – 21 players registered
U7 - 24 players registered
U8 - 25 players registered 
Travel Report
Pat to speak with Best soccer of the possibility of one night of instruction for the U7/U8 and U10’s
            U10 – 44 players - 4 teams (11 Players per team)
            U12 – 31 players 2 teams (1 team of 15 players; 1 team of 16 players)
            U14 – 22 players (1 team request an oversize team)
            U18 – 5 players registered
            U10 – 41 players - 4 teams (3 teams of 10; 1 team of 11players)
            U12 – 48 players 4 teams (12 Players per team)
            U14 – 36 players (18 players per team)
            U18 – 7 players registered
Player Development
Mike to look for other soccer camps and tournaments and work with Mark H to have them posted on the website
Due to low boys U12 soccer registration Mark will send a note out to players of that age group waiving late registration in an effort to gain more players
Spring registration will open on October 15th and close December 31st
Dave to review different supplier for in town shirts of which we are currently paying $5 a shirt, other town shirts are purchased for ~$3.

Other items:

Coach Selection Committee

The committee will consist of Pat, Gary, Brenda and Marc O’Meara.  If there is more than 1 coach that is qualified for the position then there will be a pre determined list of questions for the candidates to respond to get more information on applicants playing background, coaching licenses, philosophy etc.


Board approves BEST Soccer back again next year for the Academy age groups

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM

Next meeting August 1st