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August 1st Meeting Minutes

Members present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Bob Stall, Marc O'Meara, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Tommy Proulx, Mike Levasseur, and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:40.

August Minutes

One addendum to the July minutes: It was decided last meeting was in-town uniforms will still be bought via the Park & Rec account since they are covered in the registration fee. Travel uniforms should be via booster account i.e. whether bill comes to the treasurer or we deduct from the ref payment invoices to the P&R account.


Park & Rec account: $6160 - after the estimated field maintenance costs ($13,000) and June registrations ($11,800). The Donelans bill isn't shown in the P&R account yet

Booster account: $16,827 - all ref payments made

Follow up on previous item in P&R account: payment in April $6891.45 + $402.61 labeled as Poptops. Investigation is that Dave ordered kits for $7423.82; the balance of $135 is expected to be related to the kwik goal equipment. As far as reconciling the Park & rec account more accurately. If people copy Peter with the amount being requested to be paid from the P&R account Peter can keep track more closely than waiting for the monthly update and we will be able to catch any unexpected payments.

In Town Report

Pee Wee –40 players registered

U6 – 37 players registered

U7 - 45 players registered all expecting to have 6 teams of 8 players each

U8 - 45 players registered

Travel Report

Pat to speak with Best soccer of the possibility of one night of instruction for the U7/U8 and U10’s

Boys – U10 there are 2 teams without coaches that Brenda is still working on

U10 – 44 players - 4 teams (11 Players per team)
1 player at U10 wait listed and U10 player asked to play up. The board decided to let the player play up 1 level and move the wait listed player onto a team.
U12 – 35 players 3 teams (12 Players x2 teams; 11 Players x1 team)
U14 – 22 players (1 team request an oversize team or see if any players would like to play for Ayer)

Girls – Coaches All Set

U10 – 45 players - 4 teams (12 Players x1 team; 11 Players x3 teams)
U12 – 50 players 4 teams (13 Players x2 teams; 12 Players x2 teams)
U14 – 37 players 2 teams (19 Players x1 team; 18 Players x1 team)


Extend U6 registration until 8/10 waiving late fee. Park and Rec requesting to have practice schedules and games posted on soccer web site.


Artwork the in town shirts has been sent to Park and rec.

When ordering equipment (i.e. Nets) we need to specific in that they are soccer nets otherwise “nets” gets lumped together with all other sports requiring nets and anything over $5K needs to go out to bid.


There are no new grade 9 referees and no grade 8’s were moved up due to the new age change


For the fall season, there will be 11 fields:

Russell St – 5 fields (U8 and Academy)
Koerper – 2 fields
St Anne’s – (U7’s)
Shaker Lane – 1 field without lines to be used strictly as a practice field

Other items:
  • Meeting for Travel coaches at Park and Rec on 8/15 and the Academy on 8/28
  • Coaching License policy is that travel coaches need an “F” license prior to the 2nd season (Spring)
Meeting adjourned at 10:28 PM

Next meeting September 5th