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January 2nd Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Steve Bast, Dave Besse, Brenda Riordan, Marc O'Meara, Bob Stall, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Mike Levasseur, Jenna Brownson, Peter Lloyd and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:35.

December Minutes

Park & Rec account: $4600.00 – We still owe Park & Rec $464.00  Payment for Best and Mass Youth soccer has come out
Booster account: $9300
In Town Report
Not discussed
Travel Report

Below was submitted to the league
BU10- 3 teams - Rec 2, 3, 4
BU12- NCUP, Rec 2
BU14 – 1 team – NCUP
BU18 1 team- NCUP
GU10- 4 teams – REC 1,2,3,4
GU12 – 3 teams – MTOC, NCUP, Rec2
GU14 – 2 teams – MTOC, Rec
GU18- 1 team – MTOC
BU10-34 (1 waitlist) 3 teams – 2 teams of 12 1 team of 11 (fall short of 9 players for 4 teams)
BU12 – 26- 2 teams of 13
BU14 – 21- 1 team (only 18 on a roster need tryouts)
BU18 – 19 (1 waitlist) – 1 team carrying 19
GU10- 40(1 waitlist) - 4 teams of 10
GU12 – 45 – 3 teams of 15
GU14 – 37 (2 waitlist) – 1 team 18, 1 team 19
GU18- 25 (1waitlist) – 1 team of 18 (tryouts needed)
Keep waitlist open until tryout dates for BU14, BU18, and GU18
Going forward beginning in the fall of 2013 the last day of registration will be a hard cutoff.  There will not be tryouts unless registration exceeds the number of players allowed on a team.  This will be for U14 and U18 teams.  Any tryouts will be for placement. 

On Boys teams there is a U10 who wants to play down to U8, a U10 that wants to play up with U12 and a U12 wanting to play up with U14 that were all approved so they could play with their class.  There was also a U12 who wanted to play up to U14 that was denied due to them not meeting the criteria.
In town discussed above
Nothing discussed
Nothing discussed

Dave Besse has resigned effective at the end of the spring season. 

Dave to review what the yearly spend is on uniforms to make sure it is budgeted in the booster account.

Order will be placed for in town shirts there will be 4 teams in U7 and 4 teams in U8 (10 players per team).  8 teams at U6 level (6 players per team) 10 teams in PW level (6 players per team)

New Business

2013 Calendar – picture day needs to be added

Jenna to schedule coaching class for F license

We will need more volunteers for the spring tryouts than in the past due to not having availability of the Russell St fields so we will need to use various fields

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 PM

Next meeting February 6th